Now I Know (1)

first_imgANITA sat at the corner of Benson and Carey Street with her face reduced to a caricature of shame and disappointment. It had been four months now since she had been coming to sit at the corner, pleading with pedestrians for little crumbs to move on.  But if anyone who cared to know why she was coming to sit at the corner the last several months, it would have been clear that she was not an ordinary beggar. Her distinctive features would show that she was a former beauty who had hit rock-bottom and now counting her days. Though her clothes were tattered about her, there were some elements that the careful observer could have discerned to indicate she was one once upon the time well-bred with a promising future. Now her hair had lost its lively texture, and evidently months of incessant tears about her condition had reduced her to a shameless picture of disappointment. Anita was aware of the tragic life or what life had reduced her once wonderful life to, but did she care that she was that character whose life story had been the talk of the community? Her life had been on the radio airwaves and many mothers had used her condition to teach their teenage daughters about how unpredictable life could be for a woman.  As the midday traffic gathered pace, she turned to look at the clutches beside her, and the idea that she was now walking by their support was not that encouraging but she had no choice. It was not a life she had dreamed about. But she knew that she would not get around easily without them. Several years ago, that was when she was the darling of many of the men in Monrovia; she was, as many people would say, the eye and dream of any eligible bachelor. But at age twenty six, when she considered that the tragic motor accident had caused her right leg to be amputated and a result compelling her many lovers to abandon her; when she now had to beg for food, she could only blame herself.     Anita was in such personal reverie, when an echo of familiar footsteps pounded towards her. She lifted her head and in a teary outburst of distress stared at the only friend that kept coming to console, Yassa Johnson.  With a painful smile on her face, Yassa, with a bag under her armpit, ambled towards her friend, ignoring the increasing number of women and some men who were congregating to witness her friend’s shame.  “What are they doing here?” was the first question that came from Yassa, sweeping her head towards the crowd.  Anita responded with a smile, saying inaudibly said, “They have been coming when they knew that I have been coming here.” True, many of the people might have heard about her and knew that she was the young lady whose life had hit rock bottom and was wasting away. “Cheer up, sister,” Yassa said, in the most difficult voice, and turning to the crowd, pleaded, “It’s enough for her please go away from here.” The women in the crowd gave up a shocking reaction, and one said, “Men are dangerous and women must be careful.”  Yassa only smiled and shook her head.Anita saw the pain in her friend’s tear-filled face, and throwing her head towards the crowd, said faintly, “I wish I had listened to you, Yassa.” That emotional response was heart rendering, for Yassa might have considered her friend’s state of health, and wasting away at the time she was supposed to have her life ahead of her.Considering the embarrassing situation, Yassa moved to help Anita get onto her clutches and to move her away from the sorry scene. As the two hobbled away from the crowd, Anita began to cry. If Yassa had paid more attention to the facial expressions of the bystanders, mostly at the women, she would have found sympathy and support there. For it could be true that human nature being effectual, there was a high possibility that those who had congregated to watch the agony of a young woman who had been involved with men and was reported to be begging for money, had an intriguing lesson for all.  “Please stop these tears,” Yassa said, in a voice that indicated her own sense of pain. “They are tearing my heart apart.” Having been friends from childhood, and having grown up together, Yassa could not dismiss her friend’s agony, for she was plainly aware of how her friend allowed the love for what money could buy and men’s admiration to ruin her life. Though not as beautiful as Anita, she always found it difficult to warn her friend about the number of lovers that came across her at the time. It was not even true that because men admired her, Anita just went for what all they presented to her. Anita was a strong-willed kind of woman. Being the image of her late mother, she drew many a man’s attention which apparently caused numerous temptations that might have caused her present predicament. Though police investigators reported her tragic accident as mechanical error, almost all of her lovers had abandoned her, which indicated to many that someone might have plotted the accident that caused one of her legs to be amputated, even more so when Anita was the only woman to have suffered severely, despite the presence of three others. It was meant to shame her, and destroy her.  Presently, Anita responded to her friend’s remark with a bitter smile, saying, “Imagine how you are feeling about me and I’m going through all these months after the accident.” “But,” Yassa said, “You must cheer up.” “Can I?” Anita said, leaving the question in the air. “I never thought it would end like this.” Yassa could not reply, and stared at her friend in the face.  Away from the prying eyes of bystanders, Anita told her friend, “Now I know what you always told me,” in which her friend gave a deep sigh. Helping her adjust her sitting position, just across from a Scratch Card Booth, Yassa’s eyes filled with tears, and she turned away to wipe them. “Don’t let my suffering go in vain,” Anita told her friend, “where are those men who used to harass me, day and night?”  Yassa could not answer the question, but turned her face away from her friend. “Now I know,” Anita repeated, as the echoes of running vehicles moved unconcerned across Benson and Lynch Street.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Rally Town Marketers Cry for Help

first_imgMarketers in the Rally Town Market on UN Drive in Monrovia yesterday complained about the deteriorating condition of the structure and the unhealthy environment in which they sell.According to them, the area is not hygienic for their wellbeing and may lead to the outbreak of diseases such as malaria and cholera.In an interview with the Daily Observer, Mrs. Cecelia Sloan, who sells outside the Rally Town Market, said, “I’m tired selling in such a situation where there are no structures to exhibit my items as I (have to) depend on my children to carry the market around.”Mrs. Sloan added that it was very risky considering vehicles in the street that pose a danger to children.“We pay dues every day but nothing is done to cater to the wellbeing of the marketers. They call us for meetings but marketing authorities don’t think about helping to clean the area,” said Sloan.She called on the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) headed by Madam Lusu Sloan to do something to improve the condition of the market area.Madam Sloan said several appeals have been made to the present administration of LMA which have not yielded positive results.“It seems as if the LMA officials have forgotten that human beings sell here, not animals. It is obvious that we are living in isolation because if we are not, we wouldn’t be treated like this,” she protested.She acknowledged the effort of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), in trying to keep the area clean but said “more needs to done in the area.”Another marketer who identified himself as Morris Johnson said, “The situation is affecting us; it seems that LMA has forgotten we are part of the LMA.”He called on the Monrovia City Corporation and other sanitation companies to help clean the area.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Business, Academic Pundits Explore Causes of Liberia’s Underdevelopment

first_imgLiberian businessman Clemenceau Urey has begun organizing likeminded Liberians to identify Liberia’s underdevelopment problems and to find solutions for them.Mr. Urey, a onetime Board Chairman of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), recently published an article in the Daily Observer, delving into to how Liberians can achieve their own ‘Great Leap Forward’.In the publication, he mentioned Rwanda, Ethiopia, the Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone as countries that were at war, like Liberia, but have made strides in development, while Liberia still lags behind.Mr. Urey said his article was a wakeup call for Liberians to develop a national sense of purpose and good governance and to change attitudes that are responsible for the country’s retrogression.In a meeting on September 29 at a local resort in Monrovia, attendees responded to Mr. Urey’s call and identified some of the problems to include poor leadership and governance, selfish attitude, sectionalism and tribalism, desertion of ethics in national duty, among others.Professor Felix Adesina of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University said there is no clear demarcation between political administration and public administration.According to him, what should be administratively solved is always politicized, making reference to the Ebola crisis as one situation that was approached politically instead of administratively.Dr. Joseph Isaac, President of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), made emphasis on poor education as one of the hindrances to Liberia’s development. In his view, Dr. Isaac said Liberian students of today prefer degrees over knowledge, and as a result many prefer paying money to teachers to acquire degrees rather than to gain knowledge.An emotional and concerned Liberian, Elsie Cooper, said that tribalism and sectionalism are deeply undermining the development of the country. She said tribal and sectional divisions have become entrenched in the Liberian society so much so that one tribe considers itself more Liberian than the other.She added that those without tribal designations also see tribal people as not real Liberians, while tribal people on the other hand see them as migrants.“We are in a fragile society. Tribal and sectional differences have reached the peak with one tribe considering itself more Liberian than the other. We who are without a particular tribe are not seen as different; and I am not responsible for not having a tribe. I did not sell myself, but was sold by the same tribal people that existed here. And even from the group I originated, there is a problem – not realizing that whether from the tribal or the other group, we are all black people. We Liberians need to revisit our history,” she concluded.About 18 persons participated in the discussion, and they all concurred that there are serious attitudes affecting the growth of the country.They then arrived at a point to form a movement, without any political association, to reach Liberians through the media and community discussions to identify the problems and find solutions that will build the spirit of patriotism among citizens.They observed that the multiplicity of political parties in the country is part of the social scourge, and that many candidates forming parties do not even have platforms.They also agreed to organize a debate for candidates to appear and state their platforms and tell the Liberian people how they will deliver them.The meeting was graced by Liberian businesspeople and instructors of universities and secondary schools, among others.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Woman chopped, arm almost severed by ex-lover

first_imgBy Romario SamarooA Sunday morning trip to the La Penitence Market, Georgetown, for Wanita Herralall made a turn for the worse when she was confronted by her estranged husband who dealt her several chops about her body.Wanita Herralall was brutally chopped by her estranged husband in an apparent execution attemptHerralall, 31, of Lot 8 Laing Avenue, Georgetown, left for her usual market visit but ran into the man, identified only as ‘Buckman’ of Anna Regina, Squatting Area, Region Two, (Pomeroon-Supenaam), Essequibo Coast.The incident took place at approximately 10:30h and lasted for about three minutes, leaving market vendors and shoppers baffled as to what had transpired.Eyewitnesses say the seemingly enraged man whipped out a blade from his side and was about to behead the woman when she pleaded not to. The accused then swung one chop to the head, bashing the woman over her right eye. The man then shouted to her, “don’t scream” and forcefully pinned the woman’s hand down before hacking at it several times between the elbow and wrist.With the woman’s mangled hand barely hanging on, the angered Essequibian allegedly told her to “take your hand and move from here.”In a bid to escape, the man tried running through the crowd, only to be captured and dealt a thorough beating, before being turned over to the Ruimveldt Police Station.The woman in an unconscious state was placed in a minibus and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she remains a patient.According to Herralall’s reputed husband, Dharmindra Phagoo, the couple would usually go to the market together but this time she went by herself. He was at home having breakfast when he got a call from a vendor telling him to “go to the hospital quick! Wanita get chop up.”“When I reached to the hospital, I see my wife covered in blood with several chops including a large one over her eye and multiple gashes on her arms,” Phagoo added.Guyana Times understands that the woman shared a 12-year relationship with the accused, of which bore five children, the eldest being thirteen and the youngest five. The couple separated in 2015 when the woman moved to Georgetown due to years of alleged domestic abuse.Since then, Herralall has been reportedly stalked by ‘Buckman.’ In February, Guyana Times was informed that the mother of five went to her home town of Essequibo, where the estranged husband reportedly took away her mobile phone and administered a beating on her.The matter was reported to the relevant authorities but nothing has been done.Phagoo is of the belief that the Police were negligent.The reputed husband is thankful that the woman survived this vicious attack, but is particularly hurt that the man did such a cruel thing in the presence of their youngest child.Phagoo and Herralall have been living together for the past six months and are well known to the market vendors and people in the community, since they operate a snackette in Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, and go to the market on a daily basis.This publication understands that the perpetrator had travelled to the capital city nearly one week ago with the intention of killing the woman, as he was reportedly aiming for her neck.Herralall is currently at the Georgetown Public Hospital receiving treatment. One of the chops went through the bone of her arm and it was up to press time unclear whether the arm can be saved.The man is in custody assisting Police with investigations and is expected to be placed before the courts soon.last_img read more

Social Calendar

first_imgWEDNESDAY (MAY 30) Santa Teresita Medical Center Auxiliary’s annual card/game party and buffet luncheon. 10 a.m. to 3p.m. Madonna Hall, 819 Buena Vista St., Duarte. $20. (626)359-3244, Ext. 3220. THURSDAY (MAY 31) The Wellness Community West Los Angeles honors Steve Guttenberg; Barbara and Jerry Federman; and Wellness co-founder Harriet Benjamin and her daughters Ann and Lauren Benjamin at its annual “Tribute to the Human Spirit” Awards Dinner. The Beverly Hills Hotel. Beverly Hills. $350. (310) 314-2565. JUNE 1 The 10th Annual Placido Domingo Awards Dinner sponsored by Hispanics for L.A. Opera will honor director Emilio Sagi and Vinyl Technology Inc. following the 2 p.m. performance of “Luisa Fernanda.” Grand Hall, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. $300. (213)972-7338. JUNE 13 Pasadena Educational Foundation’s annual spring event featuring USC president Steven B. Sample as guest speaker along with performances by PUSD students and the awards for Making Teachers Smile grants. 6:30 p.m. $50. (626)795-6981, Ext. 422. The 13th annual golf tournament in memory of Big John McCluskey, presented by Oralingua School for the Hearing Impaired in Whittier. Coyote Hills Golf Course, Fullerton. $275. (562) 945-8391. JUNE 6 “Girlz in the Hood,” presented by A Place Called Home at its Women of Achievement Awards luncheon and fashion show. Honorees are Molly Simms, Michelle Rodriguez, Roselyn Sanchez, Sandra J. Evers-Manly and Dr. Ava T. Shaban 10:30 a.m. Beverly Hills Hotel $150. Fore more information, (323) 904-4400. JUNE 8 Young & Healthy celebrates its 17th year serving the health needs of Pasadena’s children by honoring board member Matthew White with the J. Donald Thomas Award. 6p.m. A private home in Pasadena. JUNE 10 “Stars Over Havana,” the fourth annual “Swingin’ on a Star” gala to benefit Five Acres’ programs for children at risk. The event will honor Robert A. Ketch, executive director of the Altadena-based agency for 30 years. 6p.m. One Colorado Courtyard, Old Pasadena. $250. (626) 798-6793, Ext. 2250. Opening of the 2006 Tony-Award-winning musical “Jersey Boys” based on the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. 4 p.m. Center Theatre Group/Ahmanson Theatre at the Music Center. Performances continue through Aug. 31. $20 – $100. (213) 972-4400 Opening of L.A.Opera’s “Luisa Fernanda” starring Placido Domingo. 7:30 p.m., Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. $30 – $220. Performances continue through June 16. For more information, call (213)972-8001. Vintage Bouquet, a food and wine tasting and auction hosted by the Beverly Hills Bar Association Barristers. Noon to 5 p.m. Greystone Mansion, 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills. $100; $125 at the door. (818) 610-0300. JUNE 4 YWCA San Gabriel Valley 23rd annual Women of Achievement Gala. 11 a.m. Pacific Palms Resort, City of Industry. $75. (626)960-2995 The 18th annual “Days of Our Lives” Celebrity Basketball Game to benefit South Pasadena High School’s Boys Basketball Program and the Pasadena Ronald McDonald House. Hosted by actor James Reynolds, 7:30 p.m. South Pasadena High School Main Gym. $15 in advance or $20 at the door. (323) 860-3297. JUNE 2 Pasadena Museum of History’s Contemporary History Maker Awards Dinner honoring Ann Hassett and Bob Niemack; Ellen and Harvey Knell; Sally and Phil Swan; and Regina and Ian Whitcomb. 6:30 p.m. Twin Palms Restaurant, Old Pasadena. $125. (626)577-1660, Ext. 11. The annual “Triumph of the Spirit Awards Gala,” presented by Aviva Family and Children’s Services. Honorees include actress Suzanne Somers; Aviva board member Michael A. Sherman and Jade Mills of Coldwell Banker, Beverly Hills. 6 p.m. Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills. $375. For more information, call (323) 904-4400. JUNE 14 American premiere of “Lansky,” starring Mike Burstyn, a new play based on the true story of Meyer Lansky and his failed efforts to become an Israeli citizen. 8 p.m. Odyssey Theatre, 2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd., West Los Angeles $35 – $55. (310) 477-2055. JUNE 16 . The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association’s 37th Annual Beastly Ball. 6 p.m. The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Griffith Park. $1,000. (323) 644-4701 “Tonight at 11,” Witty weatherman Fritz Coleman’s look at what goes on behind broadcast news. 7:30 p.m. Additional performances on June 17, 23 and 24 at 7:30p.m. The Grove Theatre, 276 Ninth St., Upland. $25. (909)920-4343. JUNE 21 A Summer Solstice Celebration marking the merger of Episcopal Home Communities and The Scripps Home. 6 to 9 p.m. The Scripps Kensington, 1428 S. Marengo Ave., Alhambra. $100. (626) 281-3776. JUNE 22 Opening Night at the Hollywood Bowl featuring the eighth annual Hall of Fame Concert to benefit Music Matters. (213)972-3051.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The first Flip-Flop Formal, presented by Project Cuddle to support efforts to stop baby abandonment. 6 p.m. The University Club, 175 N. Oakland Ave., Pasadena $150. (626) 351-5417. Champagne & Roses: A Red Carpet Affaire, the seventh annual black-tie party under the stars sponsored by S.E.E.D.S. (Supporting Education and Excellence at Descanso) at 6 p.m. Decanso Gardens, La Canada Flintridge. $200. (818)952-4391. The second annual Los Angeles Concours d’Elegance sponsored by the Assistance League of Southern California. The Rose Bowl and adjacent Brookside Golf Course, Pasadena. $25 before May15. VIP tickets with luncheon and beverage are $75 pre-sale only. (323) 469-1973, Ext. 211. JUNE 3 last_img read more

Tusker’s Nsimbe named the best coach in May

first_img0Shares0000Tusker FC’s head coach George ‘Best’ Nsimbe receiving the winner’s plaque from Fidelity Insurance Marketing and Business Development Manager Nicholas Malesi.PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluNAIROBI, Kenya, July 4 – Tusker FC’s George ‘Best’ Nsimbe was on Tuesday named the Fidelity Insurance Coach of the Month for May.Nsimbe was voted unanimously by the Sports Journalists Association of Kenya (SJAK) Football Commission after going unbeaten that month, winning all the five games to bag the 15 points available. After a slow start to the campaign this season, in which the defending Kenyan Premier League (KPL) champions suffered defeat in their first two opening matches, the Brewers took maximum points from every game in May.Tusker FC’s head coach George ‘Best’ Nsimbe posing with teh winner’s plaque and the cheque of Sh75,000.PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluSpeaking when receiving the award after the team’s morning training at their Ruaraka Sports Club backyard, Nsimbe exuded confidence that his charges will defend the KPL title.“I feel great to win this award just six months after joining the team. I thank my technical staff, the players and fans who made me win the coach of the month award for May. We started the season badly, but we knew we were the defending champions and we sat down as the technical bench and rectified our mistakes,” Nsimbe said.“We still believe we can retain the title because there are a lot of games remaining and thus know that it is a marathon and have a long way to go, but I know we will make it since we finished the first leg on a high.”Tusker FC head coach Geirge ‘Best’ Nsimbe with his players.PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluNsimbe started that month with a hard-fought 1-0 win against Kakamega Homeboyz, then beat Zoo Kericho 2-0 away from home, followed up with the 2-1 victory over Sony Sugar and beating struggling Mathare United 2-0.Tusker finished the month of May with a 1-0 result over giants AFC Leopards as Nsimbe’s side climbed joint top with record 15-time champions Gor Mahia at the KPL table.For his splendid performance, the Ugandan tactician was rewarded with a winner’s plaque and Sh75, 000 and become the third coach after the then Gor Mahia coach Jose ‘Ze Maria’ Marcelo Ferreira (March winner) and Posta Rangers’ Sammy ‘Pamzo’ Omollo (April winner).Tusker FC head Coach George ‘Best Nsimbe.PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluFidelity Insurance Marketing and Business Development Manager, Nicholas Malesi assured the partnership with SJAK will continue, to see football develop in the country.“As Fidelity Insurance, it’s an honor to be part of this partnership, we just want to reaffirm our commitment that we are here for the longest term despite the economic challenges, we will still honor our part of the bargain by coming through this partnership that we have with SJAK,” Malesi stated.“We have seen it work, we were here sometimes last year so we have just confirmed that excellence is at Tusker FC thus doing the league proud. It’s a competitive season the two teams (Gor and Tusker) are tied at the top and we expect the quality football will continue in the second leg,” Malesi added.Nsimbe, who took the reign at the 11-time KPL champions this season after the departure of his fellow compatriot Paul Nkata, is tasked to defend the top tier league title and the GOtv Shield.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Manchester City starlet Cole makes Barnsley loan move

first_img1 Manchester City rookie Devante Cole – son of former Manchester United star Andrew Cole – has joined Barnsley on loan until January.The 19-year-old England youth international is highly rated at City after his performances for the Elite Development Squad and was included in the senior team’s tour of South Africa last year.But Cole, who has been part of the club’s youth set up since his father was playing for the first team, has now been sent to League One side Barnsley to further his football education.Cole will stay at Oakwell until January 5 and is allowed to compete in both the FA Cup and Johnstone’s Paint Trophy. Devante Cole [right] last_img read more

Rodgers: I’m fully responsible for Liverpool’s poor form

first_imgBrendan Rodgers said he takes “full responsibility” for his team’s recent slump in form, following Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park.The Reds have suffered four consecutive defeats in all competitions and are struggling for goals with the absence of Daniel Sturridge through injury and Luis Suarez’s move to Barcelona during the summer.And a despondent Rodgers cited a combination of new players, less match preparation time and the loss of key strikers as factors towards Liverpool’s poor run of results in recent weeks.“I’ll take full responsibility for that [result],” said Rodgers. “I pick the team and put the players out there to perform. It’s my job and my responsibly and at the moment we’re not doing well enough.“We had a couple of world class players up front [last season], which meant that side of our game, that attacking intent, was at a really high level. Obviously, that then sparks off other elements of your game because you win games that are tight and scoring goals gives you excellent confidence.“It’s a brand new group with a lot of new players coming in. Those new players are working really hard to adapt themselves into the way we work at the club.“We’ve had a lot of games and a lot less preparation time with the team, so when you put all of that together then it can be difficult.“It’s my responsibility to send a team out to win and at the moment I’m not doing that.”last_img read more

Five key men in the Europa League final

first_imgThere is constant speculation about the French striker’s future and a possible move to Barcelona at the end of the season, but Griezmann is hoping to win a first major trophy as an Atletico Madrid player on Wednesday and avoid another painful defeat following the loss on penalties to Real Madrid in the 2016 Champions League final.Griezmann has scored 27 goals in all competitions this season, including a crucial counter away to Arsenal in the semi-finals. Now he is hoping to overcome Marseille — the club he is said to support — in a final that will be played in Lyon, a short drive from where he grew up.“Griezmann is one of the best attackers in the world and he’s capable of anything,” warned Marseille goalkeeper Steve Mandanda.Dimitri PayetFlorian Thauvin might be Marseille’s main goal threat this season — he scored their opener in the first leg of the semi-final against Salzburg — but Payet is the most likely to strike fear into the Spaniards.The 37-times capped France playmaker’s fitness has been the biggest concern for Marseille fans in recent days, and they will have been pleased to hear him say he is fine after a minor muscle injury prevented him from playing in their last league game.His eye for a pass and ability at a dead ball make the ex-West Ham United man the biggest star in Rudi Garcia’s side. And, crucially, he has managed to steer clear of major fitness problems in recent months.“I’m in form. When you feel at your best physically, at 100 percent on the pitch, you can express yourself more freely and naturally,” Payet said on Tuesday.German ‘Mono’ Burgos‘Mono’ Burgos (L) with Diego Simeone © AFP / PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOUAtletico coach Diego Simeone will be unable to orchestrate proceedings from the dugout as he serves a suspension following his sending-off in the semi-final first leg against Arsenal.Without him, assistant ‘Mono’ Burgos will take charge of the team, just as he did in the second leg of that tie against the Gunners. It is a blow for the Spanish side to be without Simeone, and even Marseille coach Rudi Garcia lamented his ban, but Burgos is a big enough character to ensure the Argentine is not missed too much.“I feel sad at not being there, but we have known each other for a lifetime and we understand football in the same way. I have confidence in him being in charge,” Simeone said.Luiz GustavoBrazil’s Luiz Gustavo has enjoyed a brilliant first season with Marseille © AFP / Vladimir SimicekThe midfielder has been superb for Marseille this season since signing from Wolfsburg in Germany, but where he plays could be key.Garcia has suggested that he could go with a three-man defence, and there is a good chance the Brazilian could again start at the back, just as he has done in recent European ties.But can Marseille really afford to be without his influence in the centre of the park when it comes to the final?KokeAtletico’s defence is their major strongpoint, but the Spain midfielder has a big influence further forward. He could play off the front two of Griezmann and Diego Costa, offering the same kind of threat that saw him score the winner at Getafe in La Liga at the weekend.“His hard work, dedication and talent have made him key for Atletico and the national team,” said Simeone of the 26-year-old.“Tactically he reads the game better than anyone.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Antoine Griezmann in training at the venue of Wednesday’s final, when he will lead Atletico Madrid’s attack against Marseille © AFP / Philippe DESMAZESLYON, France, May 16 – As Atletico Madrid and Marseille prepare to meet in the Europa League final in Lyon on Wednesday, AFP Sport looks at five men who will have a crucial role to play for their respective sides:Antoine Griezmannlast_img read more