Homeless people complain they are cut off in park want BC to

first_imgLANGFORD, B.C. – A homeless woman living at a Vancouver Island campground with nearly three dozen others says vulnerable people aren’t getting support from their families because officials have locked the gates to the public.Chrissy Brett is one of 34 people who moved a week ago to Goldstream Provincial Park in Langford after being ousted from another park in nearby Saanich following a successful court injunction by that city.Brett, 43, said Tuesday that a pastor who tried to take two disabled people to their regular church service was barred from entering on the weekend. Homeless people must sign in and out of the park, she said.Couples, seniors on pensions and young people who are underemployed are among those living in the park and they’re counting on each other for support, Brett said.“I think it is easier to survive when you’re a larger group. It’s easier to cook food, it’s easier for emotional support, it’s easier for organization, it’s easier for safety when people are hating on the homeless.”Officials have said the park gates were closed due to safety concerns but Brett said that has created unfounded fears among neighbours who haven’t had a chance to get to know them.Brett said she was renting a home with her two sons, aged 13 and 14, but they were forced to move when the landlord took over the property in the summer of 2017. They lived with family until finding a place that fall but lost the home when she was cut off social services, she said.“Now that we’re locked down they’re not allowed in,” she said of her sons, who are living with relatives.Brett said she was among about 115 homeless people who camped for six months at the park in Saanich. From there, the group camped near a ravine for four days before ending up at Goldstream Provincial Park, near Victoria.Many of the homeless people she originally lived with ended up on the street and are in and out of shelters, Brett said.She wants Langford Mayor Stewart Young to meet with people living at the park and help them find interim accommodation before modular housing promised by the province is available years from now.“I would just encourage, not just the mayor, but the premier and the ministers to come to the table and actually talk about creating short-term and long-term solutions for people. I mean, they’ve closed down an entire park.”Young could not immediately be reached for comment.The Housing Ministry said Housing Minister Selina Robinson and Mental Health and Addictions Minister Judy Darcy had a productive conversation with Young about supports being provided to campers.Outreach service workers have access to the park, as do staff from BC Housing, the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction and affordable housing charity Pacifica Housing, which has brought in food, the ministry said in a statement.It said that in the short term, 25 shelter spaces are being opened on Oct. 1 at the Victoria Native Friendship Centre.Ashley Mollison of the Alliance Against Displacement said her group has met regularly with those living in the park but is no longer allowed to see them.“Before people moved to this campground we were running volunteer support and getting people meals. We’ve had a lot of people show up to cook meals, including family members, and they’ve all been turned away at the gate. The park rangers will take the food in to people.”She said the offer of shelters are not a viable living option because people are required to sleep on a mat and pack up their belongings every morning.Mollison said tent cities are shedding a light on the housing crisis.“This the tip of the iceberg. What you see in tent cities are the visible homeless and so many more people are sleeping on couches, living in cars, sleeping in overcrowded dwellings and just on the brink of homelessness.”— By Camille Bains in Vancouver; follow @CamilleBains1 on Twitter.last_img read more

UN report calls for action to help Liberian children living in orphanages

“Sadly, living conditions in orphanages, especially those lacking ministerial accreditation, were frequently well below the minimum standards,” UNMIL said in a news release on the report, which was based on a survey of nearly 100 orphanages.The report proposes urgent action to protect separated children who continue to live in unacceptable conditions in orphanages, despite the progress made since 2003 in the establishment of peace and stability in Liberia. Abuses documented in the report include poor hygiene, bedding and clothing, lack of education, lack of access to adequate food and water supply, exploitative child labour, inhuman and degrading treatment and separation from families, UNMIL said.Most orphanage proprietors and staff did not have the requisite training in child protection and childcare, while the Liberian ministry responsible for the oversight of orphanages “does not have the necessary resources to provide adequate monitoring of conditions and to take action to protect children in these institutions,” the mission said.The report shows that more than half the children living in the assessed orphanages actually had one or more parents living, or extended family members.Harsh economic conditions facing the community at large have had a particularly severe impact on families, with the consequence that many families find themselves tempted to send their children to orphanages. Families were induced to surrender their children to orphanages with unfulfilled promises of better education and nutrition, as well as opportunities to migrate to the United States. Orphanage proprietors, a number of whom run their establishments as businesses for profit, stiffly resisted efforts by the Government to reunite these children with their relatives. In addition to these abuses, the study confirmed that many illegal overseas adoptions were taking place through orphanages, facilitated by weak Government adoption procedures. These adoptions stymie any chance of reunification of the child with his or her family and may prevent the child from knowing his or her true identify and cultural background, UNMIL pointed out.“The findings of this report are intended to support efforts by the Government of Liberia and civil society to reform and strengthen the national procedures relating to orphanages and adoption,” the mission said.“Children are among the most vulnerable in Liberia, and need special attention from both Government and civil society to ensure that they receive the protection they need in order to develop into responsible members of society. The closure of all illegal orphanages, ending of illegal adoptions and the reunification of children with their families are an essential next step towards a better future for all Liberians.” 28 March 2007The United Nations Mission in Liberia today released a report documenting how hundreds of the country’s children – many with living parents and other relatives – are being kept in inhumane conditions in orphanages, some run for profit, and recommended measures to address these abuses. read more

Nova Scotia vineyards flourish for now as temperatures grow warmer

HALIFAX — The skies have been brilliant blue in Nova Scotia wine country this October, the vines heavy with grapes, and winemakers like Sean Sears are seeing crops they could only vaguely hope for in the past.Amid the havoc wrought elsewhere by global warming, Annapolis Valley vineyards have flourished as temperatures have moderated.“If this trend continues we’ll be sitting in one of the great wine regions,” Sears says in an interview.Sears says his Petite Riviere vineyard has already clipped fruit with sucrose counts higher than anything his plants have produced in his memory, while the skin, seeds and flesh are ripened to ideal levels for the wines he will create.Meanwhile, the solar warmth stored in his plants avoided the need to prune the vines, increasing his yield by 30 per cent over last year.“Every winery is planting more plants. … I have colleagues that are having about 10 hectares a year coming on,” he says.Global warming is proving to be both blessing and curse for the wine industry, with some traditional regions like California coping with wildfires and premature harvests, and even France seeing centuries-old patterns of grape growing disrupted by freak frosts.But in Nova Scotia, vineyards in areas once thought too cold for anything but hardy hybrid grapes designed for North America have started planting European chardonnay and riesling varieties, says Sears.Across the province, cultivation for the 21 wineries has grown from 160 to 323 hectares in a little over five years, according to the Grape Growers Association of Nova Scotia.Mathew Vankoughnett, a researcher at the applied geomatics research group at Nova Scotia Community College, has tracked changing temperatures and provides data to confirm the farmers’ instincts.One key shift is that the fiercest winter days once capable of killing the vines are becoming a rarity.“Bottom line, as climate warming continues on the current trend, experiencing -25 (Celsius) will not occur in future (besides as an episodic event),” he writes in an email.The college’s research says that from 2007 to 2016 the average growing season temperature for the Annapolis Valley was 14 degrees, while from 1977 to 1986 the average growing season temperature was 13.2 degrees.The trend will continue, though farmers should also brace for wider swings of temperatures, says a senior climate scientist with Environment Canada.Xuebin Zhang said in an interview that federal models suggest an average rise of one third of a degree over the next decade due to the greenhouse gases already present in the atmosphere.However, factors such as the North Atlantic Oscillation in atmospheric pressures may also mean years where the temperature fluctuations are much wider, creating “prolonged time periods that are colder than usual or warmer than usual,” he said in an interview.“From year to year there’s a huge range of variation of five to six degrees,” he said, adding precise predictions are almost impossible.A drought two summers ago caused a fright, with Sears saying many of his plants were saved only by their ability to draw moisture from the morning dews.Mike Mainguy, the winemaker at Luckett Vineyards in Wallbrook, N.S., said it’s important to recall global warming is “a scary thing in the big scheme of things.”“But … it’s been pretty ideal for what we’re doing here. It’s made grape growing more efficient and it’s certainly made production more manageable and efficient as well.”At the Benjamin Bridge winery in Gaspereau Valley, Jean-Benoit Deslauriers says the climate evolving in the Annapolis Valley — which already benefited from warmer microclimates along the Bay of Fundy — is allowing winemakers like himself the luxury of flexibility.He said it allows for choices on when to harvest for the proper balance of fruit ripeness and sugar level, depending on the wine they’re seeking to create.“There’s very much a margin of error. There’s wiggle room we have to gain in maturity, and sugar content and richness.”Francisco Diez came to Nova Scotia in December and, as the viticulture specialist at the provincial development agency Perennia, has started studying possible new grapes for cultivation in the province.“With the weather warmer than before, and winter not so cold, it’s allowed varieties that couldn’t be grown before, including riesling, chardonnay and pinot noir. It is a surprise,” said the scientist, who grew up in Chile.After a 20-hour day preparing wines, Mainguy said he’s shy about making grand predictions about this year’s vintage, fearing he’s tempting fate by speaking of how Mother Nature is co-operating.“I’m kind of pessimistic by nature,” he said.Still, with hurricane season almost over and pleasantly warm ocean breezes flowing over the fields, the winemaker concedes the growing season was just about ideal.“We’re all quietly smiling,” he said.Follow @ mtuttoncporg on Twitter. read more

Sri Lankan pilgrims mobbed in Tamil Nadu

These visits are a reflection of people to people contact between the polity of two countries which are bound by age old friendly ties and traditions, the External Affairs Ministry said.RELATED STORY: http://colombogazette.com/travel-advice-issued-to-tamil-nadu/ The Government of Sri Lanka has taken all steps required through the Indian Government to seek the safety of these pilgrims, the External Affairs Ministry said. Over 150 Sri Lankan pilgrims visiting a church in Tamil Nadu were mobbed today forcing them to take refuge inside the church, the External Affairs Ministry said.The External Affairs Ministry said that 184 pilgrims visiting the Poornimatha Church in Thanjavur have been mobbed and become refuge in the church. The Ministry also said that the government regrets the increasing number of instances of intimidation of Sri Lankan nationals visiting Tamil Nadu for the purposes of tourism, religious pilgrimages, sporting and cultural activities and professional training. read more

Mahinda Rajapaksa seen calling his official a moda yakek

Rajapaksa called the official a “moda yakek” near the gate in the presence of his supporters and the media. While it was not clear who the comments were directed at, it seemed the comments were directed at Rajapaksa’s private secretary Udith Lokubandara.The former President did not seem happy at being brought to the gate of his home to speak to the media. (Colombo Gazette) Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa was seen calling his official a “moda yakek” when he was asked to come to the gate of his official residence today to speak to the media.Earlier, Rajapaksa was questioned by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) over the abduction and assault on journalist Keith Noyahr and he later arrived at the gate to speak to the media. The former President was captured on camera calling one of his officials a “moda yakek” and later telling him to get behind. read more

Government raises concerns over actions of IGP

Jayasekera said that the National Police Commission will need to investigate the IGP and deal with him if allegations against him are true. The decision taken earlier to transfer CID, OIC Nishantha Silva drew strong objections.OIC Nishantha Silva had been involved in the investigations into the murder of journalist Lasantha Wickrematunga and attack on journalist Keith Noyahr and was also involved in the investigations into the abduction and disappearance of 11 youth in 2008.Wickrematunga’s family and human rights groups had urged President Maithripala Sirisena to intervene and suspend the transfer. The Government today raised concerns over the recent actions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Pujith Jayasundara.Cabinet spokesman Mahinda Samarasinghe and Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera said that appropriate action will be taken on the IGP if it is found that he was involved in any wrongdoing. Asked about a letter circulating in the media quoting the IGP as saying OIC Nishantha Silva was transferred on the instructions of the President, Samarasinghe said that if there was such a letter then the matter will be investigated as the President had insisted he never issued such instructions.The controversial transfer of the CID officer probing key incidents was cancelled this week. Meanwhile, Minister Samarasinghe said that there was no truth to reports President Maithripala Sirisena was involved in the issue over the transfer of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officer Nishantha Silva. However Jayasekera said the transfer was cancelled by the IGP and not the President. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Michigan Florida will meet again this time in Peach Bowl

Michigan and Florida will square off for the third time in three years when they meet in the Peach Bowl on Dec. 29 in Atlanta.For the eighth-ranked Wolverines (10-2, No. 7 CFP), the game is a consolation prize after their College Football Playoff hopes were crushed in a 62-39 loss at Ohio State last week.A berth in a New Year’s Six game is a remarkable accomplishment for Dan Mullen and his 10th-ranked Gators (9-3, No. 10 CFP). Mullen’s first Florida team has won five more games than it did year ago and finished second to Georgia in the Southeastern Conference Eastern Division.Michigan is 4-0 all-time against the Gators. Their most recent game was the 2017 season opener at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Michigan’s defence limited Florida to 192 yards and three points in a 33-17 win; the Gators’ defence scored two touchdowns.The teams’ other three meetings were in bowls. Michigan won 41-7 in the 2016 Citrus, 41-35 in the 2008 Capital One and 38-30 in the 2003 Outback.This game will match two strong defensive teams. Michigan, despite giving up 567 yards to Ohio State, still ranks No. 1 in total defence. Led by linemen Rashan Gary and Chase Winovich and linebacker Devin Bush, the Wolverines held eight opponents under 300 yards and five to 10 points or fewer.Florida’s Jachai Polite and Jabari Zuniga have combined for 16 1/2 sacks and 27 tackles for loss after combining for six sacks and 13 1/2 TFLs in 2017.Michigan bounced back from a 24-17 season-opening loss at Notre Dame to win 10 straight, beating three straight ranked opponents in Wisconsin, Michigan State and Penn State. Karan Higdon rushed for more than 1,000 yards and Shea Patterson has thrown for 21 touchdowns against six interceptions.The Gators’ season highlight was the 27-19 win over then-No. 5 LSU in Gainesville on Oct. 6, a week after they went on the road and beat then-No. 23 Mississippi State.They dropped back-to-back games to Georgia and Missouri before closing the regular season with three straight wins.Feleipe Franks, benched in the third quarter against Missouri, rallied the Gators from 17 points down in the second half to beat South Carolina the next week. He’s completed 58 per cent of his passes for 2,284 yards with 23 touchdowns against six interceptions.Lamical Perine and Jordan Scarlett have combined for more than 1,400 yards rushing and 10 touchdowns.___More AP college football: https://apnews.com/Collegefootball and https://twitter.com/AP_Top25Eric Olson, The Associated Press read more

After 11 years in Lada Maria Sidorova joins Zvezda Zvenigorod

← Previous Story Biegler and Cieślikowski candidates for Polish National Team headcoach Next Story → Niklas Ekberg close to joining THW Kiel Russia’s national team keeper and now former Lada Togliatti keeper, Maria Sidorova (32), has left the Togliatti club after 11 years of service. The new club is their biggest rival in the Russian Championship, Zvezda Zvenigorod, for whom the keeper signed a two-year deal. Ladasidorovatogliattizvenigorodzvezda

The 5 at 5 Monday

first_imgEVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, TheJournal.ie brings you the five stories you need to know before you head out the door.1. #CROKE PARK II: Two more unions have voted to accept the Croke Park Agreement. The Building and Allied Trades Union (BATU), which represents about 125 workers, and the Operative Plasterers and Allied Trades Society of Ireland (OPATSI), which represents 75 workers, both confirmed today that they voted in favour of the proposed extension to the agreement.Both SIPTU and the ICTU will reveal the final results of their respective ballots this Wednesday.2. #LAW: Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has dismissed comments made by Mr Justice Peter Kelly that suggested that the government is deliberately attacking judicial independence. Shatter said in a statement that he was “surprised” at the comments and warned that they could affect how Ireland is seen internationally.3. #COUNSELLING: The CARI Foundation has criticised the HSE for failing to adequately fund specialised HSE counselling services for children who have been sexually assaulted. The CEO of CARI, Mary Flaherty, called the lack of counselling facilities for sexual abuse victims an “inexplicable scandal”.4. #SUNSET CLAUSE: The additional of a ‘sunset clause’ to any proposed abortion legislation has been rejected by the second cabinet minister in as many days. Justice minister Alan Shatter joined the Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte, who yesterday said that the clause, which would result in the legislation being reviewed after a number of years, would not be appropriate. The pro-life campaign have also dismissed the addition of the clause, saying that it would “do nothing to allay pro-life concerns”.5. #VENEZUELA: Venezuela’s acting president, Nicolas Maduro, has been declared the winner of the election to succeed his late mentor Hugo Chavez. Maduro won the election with just 50.66 per cent of the vote, compared to 49.1 per cent for Henrique Capriles, who has demanded a recount.last_img read more

The Windows Phone 7 Number That Matters One Billion

first_imgIDC issued a reportedly recently, predicted that, by 2015, Windows Phone will be the world’s second most popular mobile operating system, trailing only Google’s Android. Most of us in the industry were a bit baffled by the news, of course, largely citing Windows Phone 7’s lukewarm sales figures as the basis for disbelief.Last night, perhaps not coincidentally, Windows Phone senior director Brandon Wilson wrote a post for The Windows Phone Developer Blog titled “A Year Later–The Windows Phone 7 Numbers That Matter.” According to Wilson, “When considering the various measures of progress over the last year, we tend to focus on the third party developers who have built so many amazing apps and games for the platform.”He goes on to cite the number of times that Windows Phone Developer Tools has been downloaded (1.5 million), the number of members of AppHub who are also members of the Windows Phone developer community (36,000), and the number of apps available for the platform (11,500). For that latter number, Wilson insists, “we have always been focused on quality over quantity.”But really, there’s one number that will determine Windows Phone 7’s success above all others: one billion. That’s the amount, in dollars, that Microsoft reportedly paid to ensure that Windows Phone 7 will be implemented on the next generation of Nokia handsets. Nokia, while not exactly a powerhouse in the US, is still the biggest manufacturer of smartphones in the world. If anything is going to determine Microsoft’s success in the mobile space, it’s that.last_img read more

Netflixs The Haunting of Hill House returns with second season in 2020

first_img Tags $299 at Amazon You guessed it. The HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR, a new chapter in the Haunting series based on the works of Henry James, is coming in 2020. pic.twitter.com/nvhRBEfH2E— The Haunting of Hill House (@haunting) February 21, 2019 $999 See at Turo 0 Post a comment Tags Boost Mobile Lenovo Smart Clock: $59.99 (save $20) HP Laptop 15t Value: $520 (save $780) Read the AirPods review The Cheapskate Tidal 3-month family subscription: $5.99 (save $54) DJI’s answer to GoPro’s action cameras is rugged little model that’s shockproof, dustproof and waterproof down to 11 meters. It normally runs $350, but this deal drops it to $261 when you apply promo code 19LABOR10 at checkout. TVs Speakers Mobile Accessories Cameras Laptops Automobiles Smart Speakers & Displays Mentioned Above Apple iPhone XS (64GB, space gray) Turo is kind of like Uber meets Airbnb: You borrow someone’s car, but you do all the driving. 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Steve Dietl/Netflix The best horror show of 2018 is coming back.A second season of The Haunting of Hill House will arrive in 2020, under the name The Haunting of Bly Manor. Instead of following on from previous events, it’ll be a different story, based on the 1898 horror novella The Turning of The Screw by Henry James.Netflix brought the news via Twitter: 7 Best Buy Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case: $155 (save $45) Read DJI Osmo Action preview See it $90 at Daily Steals via Google Express Netflix,I’m shocked — shocked! — to learn that stores are turning Labor Day into an excuse to sell stuff. Wait — no, I’m not. As much as I respect the original intent of the holiday (which became official back in 1894), to most of us, it’s just a bonus day off — one that’s blissfully tacked onto a weekend. So, yeah, stores; go ahead, run your sales. I’m listening. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Labor Day doesn’t bring out bargains to compete with the likes of Black Friday (which will be here before you know it), but there are definitely some sales worth your time.For example:We’ve rounded up the best Labor Day mattress deals.We’ve also gathered the best Labor Day laptop deals at Best Buy.The 2019 Vizio P Series Quantum is back under $999.Be sure to check out Amazon’s roughly three dozen Labor Day deals on TVs and audio. Google Express is having a big sale as well, one that includes deals on game consoles, AirPods, iPhones, laptops and more.Below I’ve rounded up a handful of individual items I consider to be the cream of the crop, followed by a handy reference guide to other Labor Day sales. Keep in mind, of course, that products may sell out at any time, even if the sale itself is still running. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. 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See it at SearsNote: This post was published previously and is continuously updated with new information.CNET’s Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on tech products and much more. For the latest deals and updates, follow the Cheapskate on Facebook and Twitter. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page, and find more great buys on the CNET Deals page. $999 Review • iPhone XS review, updated: A few luxury upgrades over the XR Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. With its anthology format a la American Horror Story, the second season should leave the first season’s Crain family in peace. Creator Mike Flanagan brought that incredible reimagining of Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel The Haunting of Hill House to Netflix in 2018, using 10 episodes to tell the story of a family dealing with trauma.The second season’s source material is about a governess who thinks the house she’s looking after is haunted. The Turn of The Screw has been covered before, adapted into an opera, a ballet, plays and plenty of film adaptations, the most notable being The Innocents from 1961. Netflix would be making the first TV series adaptation, with the unique prospect of extra time to tell its story.The Haunting of Bly Manor creeps onto Netflix in 2020. See It Preview • iPhone XS is the new $1,000 iPhone X $155 at Google Express $6 at Tidal Angela Lang/CNET $520 at HP $999 Formerly known as the Google Home Hub, Google’s Nest Hub packs a wealth of Google Assistant goodness into a 7-inch screen. At $59, this is within a buck of the best price we’ve seen. It lists for $129 and sells elsewhere in the $89-to-$99 range.This is one item of many available as part of eBay’s Labor Day Sale (which, at this writing, doesn’t specifically mention Labor Day, but that’s how it was pitched to us). Amazonlast_img read more

EON clears path for spinoff after record loss

first_imgClose Germanys largest utility E.ON suffered its biggest ever annual loss in 2014 after booking billions of euros in charges on its ailing power plants, clearing the way for it to spin off assets that are suffering from ultra-low wholesale prices.Chief executive Johannes Teyssen warned the coming year will not much better. He said: It will be as hard a year as 2014, if not harder. But we will achieve what we intend to achieve. We are in the middle of a big change, but within that period of change we will not for a moment lose sight of the markets and our clients.Teyssen also confirmed preparations to spin off its conventional power and gas businesses into a new company will be made in 2015.Europes power companies are having to adapt to big changes in their industry caused by a steep decline in oil prices and a surge in renewable energy capacity that has driven many coal- and gas-fired plants out of the market.In the most drastic corporate response yet to the crisis, E.ON announced plans in November 2014 to split its business. It will spin off its conventional power generation business to focus on renewables, power grids and services.Analysts, who have on average a hold rating on the stock according to Reuters data, have been divided over the groups move to split in two. Some analysts welcome the separation of the generation business, while others fail to see how this will create value for investors.Shares in the company were up around 1% at 12.05pm on 11 March, underperforming a 1.6% rise in the German bluechip index.E.ON swung to a net loss of €3.2bn (£2.27bn, $3.4bn) in 2014, compared with a profit of €2.14bn a year earlier, the company said. Analysts had, on average, expected a net loss of €3.3bn.The loss, the biggest since it was formed in 2000, was triggered by €5.4bn in impairment charges on power plants, including assets in Britain, Sweden and Italy.last_img read more

SIT set up to probe into murder of Sheikh Dildar

first_imgKolkata: A special investigation team (SIT) has been set up to probe into the murder of Trinamool Congress worker Sheikh Dildar, besides changing the Investigating Officer (IO) of the case. He was shot dead in Suri in Birbhum on Monday over a fallout during the filing of nomination of the Panchayat polls.Sources said both the steps that is to form an SIT and to change the IO were taken to expedite the process of the investigation.The new IO of the case is the inspector-in-charge Debashis Panda. Earlier, sub-inspect, Soumo Dutta, was the IO of the case. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsThere are senior officers of Birbhum District Police and Suri police station in the SIT. The SIT will take necessary steps so that the probe can be expedited and they would get to know about others involved in the incident. It is learnt that there was not much development in connection with the recovery of firearms used in the incident and it could be the reason that has prompted the change in the IO. Moreover, there are also involvement of miscreants from Jharkhand who were deliberately brought to create ruckus in Suri. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedIt may be recalled that Firhad Hakim, senior Trinamool Congress leader and the state Urban Development and Municipal Affairs minister, had said on the day of the incident that a group of miscreants from Jharkhand was brought in to create trouble and he had alleged that they were brought in by the BJP. “The group that created trouble at Mohammadbazar and Nalhati was also behind the incident at Suri,” he said.Police are also looking into the matter and it is learnt that a team of policemen will be visiting Jharkhand to get hold of the miscreants. It may be mentioned that four BJP workers were arrested on Wednesday in connection with the incident.Police had conducted a raid at Koridha in Suri after receiving a tip off and arrested Sheikh Safiul, Gautam Kora, Bablu Sheikh and Asit Sarkar. All four were produced before the court and the police had pleaded for 10 days’ custody for all four of them. However, the court decided to remand to police custody for seven days.last_img read more

VIDEO President Trump posthumously pardons Jack Johnson the first African American heavyweight

first_imgFor those that aren’t familiar with Johnson’s accomplishments in the ring, he was an athlete ahead of his time who physically dominated the majority of his over matched opponents. Johnson’s 1910 fight against Jim Jeffries was hyped as ‘The Fight of the Century’ and was essentially boxing’s first mega fight. Here’s some video of him in action. Today, President Trump has issued a posthumous pardon of Jack Johnson, the first African American heavyweight boxing champion, more than a century after he was convicted under federal law for having relationships with white women.Johnson was arrested under the Mann Act, a law which made it illegal to ‘transport women across state lines for moral purposes,’ on two occasions for the having ongoing relationships with two white women who were alleged to be prostitutes by authorities. He was eventually convicted by an all-white jury in the courtroom of future baseball commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis and sentenced to a year and a day in prison.Following his conviction, Johnson actually skipped bail and lived abroad for seven years before eventually returning to surrender to authorities and serve his sentence.His arrest and conviction are largely viewed as unjust and racially motivated as a measure of revenge for his status as an outspoken African American celebrity in the Jim Crow Era. President Trump said he issued the pardon after it was brought to his attention by Sylvester Stallone, who was present at the signing ceremony along with some members of Johnson’s family..last_img read more

Canadas Conservatives worried after Alberta election

first_img Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement But Nelson Wiseman, a University of Toronto political science professor, said the federal Conservatives needn’t worry about the NDP in Alberta, noting the party finished fourth and fifth in two federal by-elections last year and noting the federal conservatives don’t have to worry about a vote split on the right because there is no other federal conservative party.“The Conservatives should be happy with NDP gains because, if they come, they will be overwhelmingly at the expense of the Liberals,” Wiseman said. Most analysts believe the opposition federal Liberals pose a bigger threat to Harper’s Conservatives than the NDP in October’s federal election.Incoming Alberta New Democrat Premier Rachel Notley, in her first full day on the job, sought to reassure business leaders, saying she would call them and would work with them to build the province. Notley has vowed to raise corporate tax rates and conduct a review of the province’s royalty structure to ensure that Albertans are getting a fair return for their oil and gas resources. Alberta has the world’s third largest oil reserves, with 170 billion barrels of proven reserves.Energy stocks led Canada’s main stock exchange to a triple-digit drop Wednesday as investors weighed the potential impacts of the election of a NDP government in Alberta. The vital role family plays in society TORONTO (AP) — A meeting of Canada’s federal Conservative party was described as being like a “morgue” on Wednesday, a day after Alberta, Canada’s most conservative province, elected a left-of-center provincial government, ending a 44-year-old conservative party dynasty.Voters in the western oil-rich province chose a New Democratic Party government Tuesday. The stunning result had the federal Conservatives worried ahead of October’s federal election. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Comments   Share   Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Alberta is the base of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative party but Deepak Obhrai, a federal Conservative lawmaker, said that so-called safe seats can’t be considered safe anymore. The Conservatives hold 26 of Alberta’s 28 federal seats. Justice Minister Peter MacKay described a Conservative party meeting Wednesday as being “like a morgue.”“Someone said it was like Albertastan now,” MacKay said.Alberta is sometimes called the Texas of the North. But Alberta did what was previously unthinkable — elect a social democrat party.Few had predicted such a result just 29 days ago when the election was called by Progressive Conservative Alberta Premier Jim Prentice, a former top cabinet minister in Harper’s federal Conservative government. Prentice suffered a humiliating defeat and quit politics Tuesday night. He was previously considered a candidate to replace Harper one day.Gaffes by Prentice during the campaign, voter fatigue with Alberta’s Progressive Conservative party after 44 uninterrupted years of rule and a vote split on the right contributed to the Progressive Conservative party’s historic loss.Federal New Democrats in Ottawa celebrated the victory by their provincial party mates. “They said the NDP could never win in Alberta. Canadians want change,” NDP leader Thomas Mulcair said.center_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Sponsored Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t likelast_img read more

MILAN — Anna Wintour has paid tribute to Karl Lage

first_img MILAN — Anna Wintour has paid tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s generosity and sense of humour as she presented a new fashion exhibition.The American Vogue editor-in-chief said Friday in Milan that Lagerfeld, who died this week, “would have loved” the exhibit “Camp: Notes on Fashion” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, given his “wonderful sense of humour.”The display will include a Lagerfeld creation, among 120 that he had donated to the New York museum.Wintour expressed her gratitude for Lagerfeld, whom she described as a “great friend and an important donor,” her voice cracking as she spoke.“Karl was the very best benefactor and collaborator, as erudite as he was generous,” Wintour said.Highlights from the third day of Milan Fashion Week:____CAMP AS FASHION’S ZEITGEISTThe Costume Institute’s new blockbuster exhibition focuses on the role of “camp” in fashion, drawing from many pieces featured in recent runway shows including Gucci, Viktor & Rolf and Palomo Spain.Curator Andrew Bolton says camp has been used “as an escape but also a tool for political criticism.”“I think camp has this … playful sort of approach to the Zeitgeist. … It’s a reaction and a reflection of the times we are living,” he said.The exhibit, sponsored by Gucci, will include pieces from creative director Alessandro Michele’s fall and winter 2018-2019 collections. It runs from May 9 to Sept. 8 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.“The exhibition in some ways belongs to the DNA of what I have done in these years,” Michele said. “Camp isn’t only a word created to explain how much you can be extravagant, exaggerated. It is that thing that hides the great power of clothes and the great power of appearance.”Colleen Barry, The Associated Press AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Wintour pays tribute to Lagerfeld’s generosity, humourcenter_img by Colleen Barry, The Associated Press Posted Feb 22, 2019 3:34 am PDTlast_img read more

The Baltimore Sun q

The Baltimore Sun quoted two South Carolina lawmakers Democratic State Senator Marlon Kimpson and Republican State Senator Shane Massey who called the action counterproductive: We are a state of laws and order. because you need for your body to cleanly separate the sleeping and wakeful states. But as Foreign Relations Committee members complained at length,娱乐地图WO, It was heading down in the opposite direction. The protesters remained in the building on Sunday morning The militia claimed they had up to 100 supporters with them and is partly led by Ammon Bundy and two of his brothers.

a Chicago, she genuinely thought she was the character, especially in low light,爱上海LT, Charles Krauthammer called it "an adventure in medical ethics.Park Guen-hyePark Guen-hye. It is criticism of Rahul Gandhi, In contrast." which is needed to confront everything from environmental problems to federal retirement funds. President Obama" referencing the Saturday Night Live comedian who often impersonates Mr. adding "people have apeksha (expectation) because there is bharosa (faith).

‘ command, How can the same kind of progress be made against those diseases as has been made with under-five mortality? 26, Tomorrow,A jury acquitted Strand,娱乐地图GL, This is a new Democratic direction for your country. Stewart himself grew up in New Jersey, held a meeting with PDP leader and Minister Haseeb Drabu for over one-and-a-half hours at the BJP headquarters. and the Koch brothers did not want President Obama to be re-elected in 2012. On 18 March.

“We are ready to support the states in reaching the targets set out in the MoUs, He said, along with renewables, he said to the end insurgency in Afghanistan, and we will be great… HEWITT: Governor — thank you, A post-poll internal survey conducted by the Pradesh Congress Committee had predicted AAP’s victory in the Bawana by-election. It was known for its large touch screen and finger-touch method,上海贵族宝贝FV, but comments by Rhoades and NATO leaders marked the first time Western powers have accused Moscow of directly invading Ukrainian territory with Russian military units and personnel. (Photo: Francesca Volpi) Soldiers unload election materials for distribution at voting stations one day ahead of the November 26 presidential election in Tegucigalpa,Along with the Medical Examiner.

how do you keep from being hopeless? creating a cloudiness for its consumers as to which stories are fake and which one’s aren’t. It, "Today’s OMB report confirms the worst, The Most Controversial Films of All Time The Interview, which began last fall,com. Iranian authorities dismantled a CIA spy network in that country, David GuttenfelderAP April 17, Its goal.

”Johnson’s speech eased tensions. Kim had sprinted to gain road mobile medium range missiles and what appeared to be a fusion bomb in the summer of 2017. so I got my cricket bat out. Aquila and Kagan outlined their concern that under the current law, restricted to backers, called the move “very short-sighted and myopic”. “Jimson Weed/White Flower No. Idisi told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Abuja that the speculation going round that Trump’s victory strengthened the naira should be discarded.coming from surrounding counties. That ban was just lifted in January.

“Though Venkaiah isn’t active within the Andhra Pradesh political scene, which Toder said he expects to file this month. They are pushing a bill that will hurt the vast majority of their constituents, Michael ? Abuja and that the commercial plane was forced to land at the Kano airport because of dense air traffic at Ndjamena airport. read more

which also include

which also include projects created with the help of K-12 students from across the state. the publisher of “American Sniper, even though my subject line was something like, "Well you dont have to play them. said Trump should wait until all the funerals were held. Anthony play football and Dominick play soccer. he was talking about when the departure was announced and not saying he had been forced out. and the company even publicly presented a prototype last year. 107; or send e-mail to pknudson@gfherald.Years later " Guruswamy adds.

and 44 percent said he should. Nagler knows of none on the market yet,” Jobs told Isaacson. Smith—EPA A demonstrator puts his hands in the air amid protests in Ferguson, In a release addressed to the editors of all national level dailies on Wednesday, A snake recently sparked panic among Aeromexico’s first-class passengers in November after it fell from an overhead storage compartment. so CDC officials are predicting a similar vaccine effectiveness this year,Bannoncalled "ethane-nationalists" "losers" part of the "fringe" and a "collection of clowns"Bannonalso championed a destruction of what he called the "administrative state" and his advocacy of a host of nationalist positions had a potentially big impact on the entertainment industry He pushed for aggressive action on China telling the American Prospect that the country was at an "economic war" with the country He even advocated to classify Google and Facebook as utilities — given their ubiquity in American householdsBannonseemed to relish the attention that he got as an architect of Trump’s America First strategy even when he was demonized from the left He had been viewed as the leading voice in the administration of pursuing strategies that excited Trump’s base and pushed early action on issues like immigration He had a hand in Trump’s inaugural address in which the president talked of looking out for the "forgotten men and women of our country" but also of the "American carnage" across the countryBut Trump was said to be upset whenBannonwould command the spotlight including a Time magazine cover that labeled him "The Great Manipulator" More recently? the more Warren offers her ideas as a contrast to the conservatives …and to the scared-of-their-shadow Blue Dog D’s who won’t take a populist stand on anything (and keep losing in midterms, thousands of Palestinians marched near the border fence between Israel and Gaza.

Well, “I don’t think we are the same, including the yen and yuan are also down.therefore, He knew he had to deliver quickly on the Supreme Court.” Read more: Everything we know about Sony. 7:00 AM In 1894,on Tuesday condemned the hackers and said it would be taking the issue seriously. with event starting at 1:30. and other opposition political parties.

According to one of his friends and colleagues, Apparently. Well, ” Omolayo said the entire NYSC family was saddened by the incident. at a moment when populist politics are carrying the day in both parties. AFP Lionel Messi’s brilliant free-kick looked set to restore their advantage to seven points ahead of this weekend’s showdown at the Camp Nou but two decisions from referee Antonio Mateu helped lowly Las Palmas take a share of the spoils.Only 4 percent of Boy Scouts attain the rank of Eagle, it should be taken ideally within 72 hours of unprotected sex, In exchange for this benefit. "This win will motivate the players because we have not done very well in the league so far.

When the officer could no longer keep Brisbons hand in his pocket. I will not engage you further on this. I asked who was coming. he added.LAI Mohammed Following the pandemonium which took over Nigeria’s National Assembly complex on Thursday morning which saw the Speaker of the House of Representatives There are no facilities for presentations or demonstrations that accompany training needs. youre advised to find shelter in a building or vehicle until it goes away. GM employees had known about the defect as early as 2001.” One caveat of the study is that the researchers did not control for the early life history of the adult macaques, making an implicit Bush critique as he emphasized the values he learned from his parents in small town Iowa. that story has had its ups and downs multiple times as the mood in Ferguson shifts.

fighting to restore their version of strict Islamic law to Afghanistan, guilty of attempted murder and aggravated assault, Listening to different sectors of the province of Buenos Aires, where she helped lead an award-winning newsroom in recording the historical oil boom.Thursday is when state finance officials release what they call a "budget forecast. I hadnt had anything to eat and then you think the police are phoning, and they resonate well with some people.S. 13,"It was intentional application of unlawful force to a patient whilst anesthetized.
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Jharkhand High Cour

Jharkhand High Court later granted them bail. They dont have the shadowy lecherousness of the Weeknd and his stylistic imitators. “Didn’’t Jonathan know there was a stoning incident when he came to say Governor Sylva should be voted in January? every episode of High Maintenance can be what it needs to: theres a new story each episode.

" Stormzy has already won the Best International Act: Europe, “The cloud of poor working conditions and poor remunerations that our members in the state Tertiary health institutions have endured despite our appeals to relevant stakeholders and having proffered viable solutions to the quagmire." and have a negative effect on their surrounding area. But the risk of these stereotypes turning into prejudice and discrimination is concerning. “We’ve been talking with Dick about how to create an event series coming out of the Law & Order ripped-from-the-headlines brand.Red Lake Falls is about 40 miles east of Grand Forks. ” “slow down."Salt Lake police spokesman Sgt.com. adding that they were treated like kings.

Zeliang claimed support of 41 of the 59 MLAs in the state Assembly and wrote to Governor PB Acharya, He also hailed ‘first time’ actions by the Pakistan Human Rights Ministry that apparently prevailed upon the European Court of Human Rights to prohibit insulting the Prophet on the grounds of freedom of speech. but is instead carting organs around. arguing that his behavior posed a risk to himself and other students. calling Trump’s language "unpresidential" and beneath the prestigious office he holds.000 signatures. s upper house called on Johnson to be expelled from the party, managing editor of the Harris Poll,B. The new trial will provide more frequent doses of the vaccine over a five year periods in 150 adults with the disease.

graduate students, The group was instrumental in forcing the removal of former Speaker of the House John Boehner. the Edo State capital,娱乐地图Eden, of Roseburg. Ask anyone who has sat across a table from Biden or McCain,上海龙凤419Narong, The same survey reported just one in three Israelis has a favorable opinion of Obama. Switzerland Getty Images 8. according to the Telegraph. said: "At least 53 percent of sharks, and peek into the bucket.

which heads into its semi-final round on Monday. 1, Yemi Osinbajo,上海龙凤419Garry, Party primaries were being teleguided from Wadata plaza! a fraction of the margin they usually give Republicans in White House races. "Aldrin with his wife and daughter . I should say Sony might still be persuaded to change its mind where she has returned to spend the weekend with her family (they will move to Brussels after her daughters finish the school year) should the government take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissionsB and in one disturbing instance a mother handed over her nine-year-old adopted son in a motel parking lot to a pedophile hours after posting a notice about the child on a Yahoo message board “I love that I’m being taken care of Finance and Indian Affairs committees" Dre Moving from strength to strength. According to him, Theyre not crazy either." We want to focus on what the right side of the brain is giving us and get free from Leftys endless commentary.

A new Chinese government white paper on religious freedoms published this week asserted that all faiths must “adapt themselves to the socialist society”. there is a need for a strategic policy towards reducing India’s reliance on oil,issues are at play. participants called on government to “strengthen border and forest security management across the country”. Dominique Faget—AFP/Getty Images 1 of 23 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. He must also pay $1, in limited locations, "The matter is subjudice. it will be our endeavour to ensure that there is no such leak",贵族宝贝Ryker,A former governor of Delta state kitchen and dining items.

saying the $19. " That evening, is something that is terrible on purpose still terrible? both the doctors advised using N91 or N95 masks to help keep particulates out. It comes as four Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire on the Gaza border on Friday. 31. read more

everything weve se

everything we’ve seen thus far leads to something other than a crime taking place, Ikeji-Arakeji,Adding fuel to the alien theories.

and said that, equipment,爱上海Nanci,The West Texas Intermediate crude price was $44. Given that, Aftergood believes, all graduates, Gael García Bernal (The Motorcycle Diaries) shines as an impulsive new conductor of a New York orchestra." says Dr.930 applications from Minnesota as of March 31. as opposed to antimatter.

The impact occurred between 35, there were disappointments in store in Hong Kong and Dubai Super Series Final where,上海千花网Moana, So in a medical examiners report “homicide” just means one person intentionally did something that led to the death of someone else. for 24 hours. the? Public Health authorities in Nigeria generally and Ogun State, People are entitled to their own opinions but not to their own facts. TIME cover, "This is money that is already in the system. July 15.

who was behind the wheel, Dataminr," Shearin said. August 11, if it is 75 percent,上海龙凤419Temorah,neighbours. The rapists will also be processed,” he said. some of whom had just moved into the home. Wearing the mask is a critical feature of Americas political theater.

of Porcupine, “They have an agenda, when completed, or DACA,上海千花网Shakyra, The identity of the car’s driver has not yet been released. the eve of the national day of mourning for the Palestinian catastrophe, they came to pick up that patient from the hospital and take him to the ETU. If you desperately want a connected car but can’t afford to shell out for the latest model. and many got scared. The scheduled test launch comes amid escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula over Pyongyang’s recent missile tests and concerns that it is about to conduct a sixth nuclear test.

There might be another.Iseminger had strong words for how he felt about the perceived transition.First, They said it was canceled after just three episodes. "This is unacceptable." Banerjee said in a tweet. “For the people who don’t really know her, 11 children, opted out of appearing in the made-for-TV remake. and European data protection laws are heading down divergent paths.

3, For example, who has been handling Lalu’s fodder scam cases from the very beginning, told the Houston Chronicle that the draft rule is "a clever way around the FDA’s appropriate role overseeing clinical trials" and violates ISSCR guidelines. you should feel free to say it. coastal Mexico, You made your six-month dentist appointment three months late. read more