Discussion on the optimization technique of film station two

nice to meet you again, a few days ago to write an article, the article called on Optimization Technology of the movie station said some movie station primary optimization skills, because I left a QQ number in the above results, understanding the stationmaster of a lot of movies, and when we chat, found many friends there the same question is included, more difficult, or even a friend standing near March Baidu are not included, today and everyone said the problem under the new sites included.

the following view is firm, the inadequacies of everyone pointing


first say what needs to be done before the establishment of the website, domain name, space program, everyone knows that the domain is better fix, CN domain name of the 2 years are one yuan a domain name, the cheap, leading to the emergence of a large number of garbage sites, believe that the major search than I have to headache. Personal feeling is com meters better, why do you say, when you will see the website optimization feeling, but does not rule out the CN domain name will not have good rankings, because last year I had to take a CN meter has been tested, it can also be a day, the audience has a more than 30000. But still did not feel the com meters easily ranked.

the second US space, this is one of the main part of the site, the price is different, how to choose a good space, I feel it is not necessarily the first personal space to speed, speed is important, but the stability is the most important, I think Baidu is not a love sometimes you can open, sometimes unable to access the station, here for everyone to say a simple method to test the stability of space, is the space business to you when you apply IP, Ping IP -t in CMD, if the 50 data, the number of packet loss is not more than 3 words, the spatial stability can still be if the number of packet loss is greater than 5, I suggest you consider

!The last is

website program, now online free program is simply too much, free movie program a lot, just enough for you to use Baidu Search, day trial, personal feeling with the original procedures for the data you don’t use it, nothing to add your own it, then you will be included or fast. Said so much, do not know how much you understand, leave your contact to QQ:1037418829 I have a little movie station optimization experience, hope is lost in the movie webmasters to find my cooperation, and then continue to send the AD, http://s. www.cqcbg.com

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