Adsense speech plagiarism also want to have a little technical content

we generally believe that the ten fingered and know the left mouse button to determine the right key attributes of the theory can build a website, the space for you to solve the hardware, Baidu Google software for you to solve, and you have Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, the left mouse button and other simple even monkeys through software and hardware can be imitated the operation of organic combination of a web site even if built, even if there is content. Further, understand Baidu Post Bar post, Baidu know can answer the question, the website can be used to exchange links this thing people will be able to do hundreds of thousands of traffic. If a commercial color words, know the website alliance is to eat or drink, MMS messaging is used to make the site traffic and Spring rolls in thousands of the webmaster can be in the Internet on a piece of gold.

did you feel like how do sell cabbage, is fixed, and then go home money spit a piece of paper, some people can drink Starbucks, some people are reluctant to drink milk for breakfast. Such endless copying of business models, copying content, copying operations, copying…… Have fun, really can be developed, to attract customers, Baidu is dead. I can live it, where the next meal is a taste of Starbucks? If you don’t copy, this series of questions?

to a certain extent the plagiarism may be feasible in some degree, or the basis of plagiarism on more accurate on some issues to be innovative, may be able to receive than completely copied do not know a good many times, at least can be several times better than completely copied. I mean, "to some extent" is not to some extent the magnitude, 1 copies of the copy and 10 copies may be achieved the same effect. The mode of operation or management means can be used for reference and innovation, so as to enhance the competitiveness of its original content. Or you can take out a part time for plagiarism, quietly thinking innovation and competitiveness, the core value of a site view, business model, viscosity accumulation, user experience and so on a series of problems around the user, you will find that you’ve done many things are in vain, but really want to do is wait for you, you need to do is.

original, also want to do well, an article for you, you may not have moved wholly intact website, I want to add a reprint source more impossible, it must change the title ah, to change it, this did not change the future, beginning to to change it, or others to see how different the same title at the beginning, it is necessary to wonder. Plus some paragraphs in the article, modify and end, add some of their feelings and summary, this copy of pseudo original is also a little technical content, although you only spent 10 minutes.

this era is the era of content for the king, the user is not concerned about the end of your website means of operation, publicity effect, it is only concerned about the same thing, that is content. In Chinese Internet is an entertainment oriented era, content is particularly important, who would not want to read one by countless >

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