Why does the registration network raise 100 million These 3 time nodes are the key

October 13th, registered net C $100 million round of financing, by the Tencent, LED light, etc. Morningside with investment, registered net overnight become the focus of attention. Now, we sort out the registration network 3 important time nodes, to see the company’s development process.

the first time node: by the end of 2010, step on the registration network

registration network CEO, Liao Jieyuan get 100 million financing, the media said, registered network success is the time point, step on the right. In September 09, the Ministry of Health issued "on the implementation of reservation service work opinions" in public hospitals, public hospitals began requiring all three to carry out the real name registration service appointment, while the hospital provides more telephone booking form, registration difficulties are not reasonable improvement. By the end of 2010, Liao Jieyuan’s team began to do registration network, he said earlier or later, registered network can not do it. Document "2011 public hospital reform pilot work arrangement" again proposed, requires all three level a general hospital in a variety of ways to make an appointment for diagnosis and treatment, this is what Liao Jieyuan said "good time".

Liao Jieyuan was born in 2003 as the general manager of Beijing, a communications company, founded the "Chinese green line", it is the development of Zhejiang registered net health network technology Co., the predecessor of the green line. The first to do intelligent voice recognition, he started in the choice of telephone voice service platform, and want to integrate enterprise resources for commercial. Project has a clear profit model, in 2003, the telephone is still the main way to communicate, although the platform is not hot, but the project has remained for 7 years.

2010 project failed, the team in order to explain to investors, by the end of 2010 to do a registration network. The green period, is the company’s senior adviser CTO Wu Jiong Ali, also registered net investor, registered net current executive chairman. Wu Jiong said in an interview, "good harvest of fruit has been picked up, almost all vertical areas are entrenched BAT, medical care is the only remaining large virgin land."." In December 2010, registered network to get tens of millions of dollars A round of financing and investment, Cerberus investment of wind.

chose the direction of the policy support project, which is exactly what Liao Jieyuan said. Originally established a medical information platform registration network to find a breakthrough, the first lack of technical resources for the hospital, to provide the most urgent system architecture and services. Shanghai Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University is the first hospital registered with the internet. With the number of experts entrusted to the registered network source increased, the registration network has become the official registration of Huashan hospital registration platform. By the end of 2011, registered network has passed HIS (Hospital Information System) direct connection and number source trusteeship, and Shanghai’s top three hospitals have all access access network. In January 2012, the registered network did not disclose the specific amount of the B round of financing, the investor is Morningside ventures and MorningSide. It is said that it is dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry

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