Webmaster friends please take care of your mailbox

When the

site is attacked, the webmaster must first associate the server with a vulnerability or program vulnerability. Perhaps, you can not think of a simple mailbox will also make your site was attacked, the domain name A records have been modified, the site was down right, and so on. The younger brother will tell me a real experience, and I hope you can keep your mailbox after reading,


it was a dark and stormy night, I sat alone in front of the computer to update their own website, update to half, suddenly the site open. Visiting the home page, I saw a black and flowing string with green numbers. Bad, the website was attacked…

my spirit suddenly abnormal dousou skilled, enter the server, carefully check the source code, no problem! And then check whether the IIS is 301, no! Strange, why? I spell it under the domain name, and show me in a very strange IP. If you want to enter the domain name provider background, try to find out the user name, password, prompt my user name or password, input error! I’m in a hurry. His mother must have been the site of this domain name vendor vulnerability. Lead to being invaded my A record to change, but at 3 a.m. a are not contact customer service, can only wait, wait until 8:30 in the morning finally came up with a customer, I hastened to contact customer service inquiries with them, tossing more than two hours, they said abruptly the site has a problem, but they still insist on their website is really no problem, to tell the truth, I was really BS the domain name, domain name only through the background to the management of their. But I don’t recognize my own program. After they made my password initial, I landed in the domain management background, and grandma’s A record was changed. I quickly changed the A record, and after more than two hours of waiting, the domain name resolution took effect. The site is normal,


I thought it should be All is well., did not expect about 3 in the afternoon, I open my website, and the emergence of the familiar and annoying black and green digital flow on the page, landing domain business management background that the password is not correct. Needless to say, the domain name A record has been changed again. I contacted the domain name business customer service, and severely criticized them. They re coded the code, and I went into the background, and the A record was changed again. They advised me to make the password a little more complicated. I’ll do that. Changed a 20 digit number with the letter domain name. Hoping to quell this domain name storm.

according to the old habits, I opened my mailbox (163), enter the user name and password, so I was terrified to show my username or password is wrong, and I carefully input a few times, so still! I said: "today Lao Tzu automatic speaking go shit away, the problem is not that even the website mailboxes are a problem." I immediately think of this domain’s account and email account what links, but think for a long time did not want to come out, it. After more than an hour, I want to login to the background of the domain name merchant to check my own domain name. The A record has been changed. Open their >

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