Secret bids for secret Secrets


auction is now many webmaster in things, but there are about 30% after webmaster do the bidding is regret, because they feel that their website auction can not produce profit behavior, to know the bidding account is a few thousand dollars, for most webmaster is a relatively large funds, if the auction does not produce profit behavior, so many webmaster is crowning calamity.

in the face of loss and profit of the auction, the auction in the face of temptation, this paper brings to the webmaster friends today is for those of the secret, I believe that after reading this article you can understand your industry is suitable for the auction, if not fit so quickly abandoned the bid to find another way.

type 1: sales category website

sales website currently on the Internet in the proportion of about 20% or so, this kind of website by the user purchase produce profit behavior, so we can see many sales websites are doing the bidding, my view is that if your site sells products is not particularly strong brand products in Baidu the first is the brand website, then we can do the bidding, if the brand website, such as millet, this kind of sales website, then don’t bid, because the user knows who is the official website, you can go to the auction is a waste of time and money.

second: service class web site

Is a continuation of the behavior of the

do the bidding for most service website, for example, we often focus on the medical website auction auction site, the medical cost is high and the results are not only not immediately, but why so many people do? Because of the impact force, can easily tell you if your service can continue, then you can choose to do the bidding, for example, now have the word "SEO", and the construction of website service class, these services can continue, so why not do the bidding.

third: information website

information websites do the bidding is the current problem, because information websites can not directly generate profit behavior, the indirect profit behavior are also influenced by the quality of the site itself, so if your website is news, information and so on information on the site, then the suggestion is not to do the bidding, because this type of auction to achieve the intended purpose of the cost is relatively high.

fourth: education website

education website auction at present but not many people do, considering if the educational websites you can bring profits or on your behavior in reality to bring benefits in the short term, then you can choose to do the bidding, if not your educational website enough in the short term to benefit and reality bring benefits, so the author’s suggestion is the best do not bid, otherwise you will pay and reward is not.

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