Review my hard network career

year after year, I ran to my father in Fushan Fushan friends working for a living, because you know the work at Flextronics last year, my life is not appropriate, but can not earn money, because I used money in a wasteful, Flextronics, did not leave a penny, every month is to borrow money Live to work, this year is also proved my wasteful habits, my father came to Fushan friends to go to work, go to the first few days worth of boring, nothing to do, and the salary is one thousand two hundred or three hundred yuan a month, from the bottom of my heart, do not want to do, what to go for work, so he called to Yu Chen then I left, because of boring, so I started a career slot machine.

playing slot machines every day, very addictive, and to the morning there, almost every day playing slot machines, losing money every day, knowing that there will be no win, or fight. A few days that I would lose thousands of dollars, no money can’t live, I will go to Shenzhen call my friends in Shenzhen (they are engaged people into the factory) get me the factory work, where my friends keep me, I also feel shy to raise their old me. A one after another call home, call a friend, sister and brother-in-law called money, my friend helped me find work, I don’t want to do this, do not do that for half an hour, so a month down I spent about four thousand yuan, I am anxious to start, because I can’t live like this. The two connection called home, call my sister and her husband, home money, never feel shy to feel shy, more home did not earn a penny but with thousands of my friend’s home, desperation, also feel shy, although my brother stone (a brother and good understanding of Shenzhen) can keep me. But I never feel tired, but very good to me, I am very grateful to him here. But I can’t let others keep me alive, it’s no way out, you also feel like a failure, at that time I every day in my brother stone home, every day thinking about how can I do it ~ to where I made a later plan, that is to go home business on the internet.

I didn’t ability to earn money on the Internet, also know the Internet to earn money is very difficult, but I love the network, so I made a heart on the Internet to make achievements, so my sister and I said I came home, my sister also want me back, if I go out in the detours to break the law with others, because almost all people I contact in Shenzhen are the streets, Shenzhen all friends including my brother stone are mixed days of life, so my sister hit 500 yuan to my home, back home, with my family that I want to work on the Internet, I more than 1 thousand things, my family did not agree, because they don’t believe they can make money online, because in the outside one after another to the home money, excuse with home and money, so don’t give me the money but I insist on networking, networking, I The family may also want me to make progress on the Internet really hope I can earn money, so I suggest you contact me, even on the net, even I was playing online, a few months before every day and friends to drink every day with the song ballroom, home a few yuan smoke to sing, so.

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