Website operation a year flow of more than 10000 experience

Q959 site navigation site operation a year, day IP flow of 10 million, ranked 150 thousand in the world, in a small navigation site is very good. Everyone probably wants to know about experience, and I’ve always wanted to sum up my experience and share it with you. But what I want to tell you is that there is no short cut experience, depending on demand analysis and personal effort. Even if there are shortcuts, it is also accidental, not for the public.

a lot of people want to know, what kind of advanced knowledge and skills of operating website, want to step in place. What I want to tell you is, how can the master play, and the ordinary people need to do it honestly.

background: q959 site navigation site, in order to provide the highest quality, the most authoritative website navigation industry, providing new sites, features site navigation. Operation for only one year, the site traffic over 10 million, the authority of the world rankings and traffic among the highest.

planning correctly,

site self station start site positioning and development planning, the site within two years along the content, to promote increased popularity, brand tree four steps forward, from the operation of the first year, we are very successful.

pragmatic serious

is very important for navigating websites, and they can trust websites only if they really give them help. In the aspect of website content, the quality of whole construction style is concise, clear classification, rich in content, the site must be very high, allowing users to experience surfing the Internet fast and happy, often engage in activities to allow users to fall in love with your website, this is the most important point.

Every step of the development of the

Q959 web site navigation is for the majority of Internet users to provide convenient, abandon the nothingness has no practical effect that makes the website traffic more than ten thousand, this is a miracle in the forest of the navigation website! Please be willing to join our site to submit your site from us after passing the examination will be classified according to your website, provide a channel for the webmaster increase site traffic.

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