How do you view WeChat’s data

for many micro agents, if there are 10 thousand of the number of WeChat friends, it has been too good to go. However, for WeChat public number, only about 10 thousand of the fans, it seems a little too small, a bit too eye. But the number of fans like WeChat numerical sometimes can not explain the problem, regardless of the number of fans you are more or less often to the outside of the show is just a value for WeChat, our friends, and the number of fans by reading the number, forwarding number, the number of these parameters should be dialectical and in-depth to treat. Not only the value of the eyes flashing. The results of the operation of a WeChat public number are generally the number of fans, the volume of articles collected, the number of articles read, and the rate of value transfer. Well, WeChat’s operating data for these parameters, we should look at how to properly?.

, first of all, about the number of fans. According to WeChat, the public for a period of time before the smoke powder, a public number to get instant fans soaring, more effective is the use of a variety of activities including the use of WeChat, to get the vote by fans attention, the number of public concern, set to receive a red envelope for gifts like etc.. But with further standardize the official WeChat, these practices are often not so effective, for example, WeChat officials have on these activities are limited, because some of these activities will seriously affect our lives, or even lead to various disputes, there have been many media reports on WeChat many false activity in the network have greatly the loss of the interests of users. Especially those who do WeChat online shopping platform WeChat public number, in the operation and promotion of business is growing, the cost of getting a fan is growing. So, for the number of WeChat public number operators and not blindly seek only fans, fans should pay attention to the quality of just 100 fans, 1000 fans or by high cost as well as high quality bring high value. For example, suppose you are WeChat public operations, a mother store products, by focusing on the WeChat public red collar to attract fans, the day has 1000 fans, but the red envelope is the amount received is 1000 yuan, but with the end of a month back to receive a red envelope for WeChat the number of WeChat fans you can still be maintained at around 800, but almost no orders, 2-3 message and you every day in the WeChat circle of friends issued can give you every day brings about 3 orders, which shows the quality of WeChat fans to be more important than quantity. WeChat as a communication tool, basically all is a strong relationship between the users, occasionally send some product information, how much will have so few friends will become loyal fans, if more careful management, is unlikely to be a month without order.

secondly, about the number of WeChat articles read and the number of forwards. For WeChat public number operators, in addition to the number of WeChat fans, but also more concerned about the number of articles read and forwarded quantity. Sometimes, the number of WeChat fans may not be as big, from WeChat’s traffic component

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