How did get the SOGOU index from 0 to 51 in 20 days

to share my experience with you, I hope everyone’s station is getting more and more fire!


from I took over to find fun network, SOGOU index is only 0, want GG PR value is high, so first must start from the SOGOU index. SOGOU index is high, you can see that you GG PR value will be how?. Because the station is new to do, traffic is very small, baidu included only dozens of pages. Everyone knows the chain is very important to the index. Then you have to find a very good outside chain before you can solve it. Then I worked out a few steps.

1, I first want to go to the webmaster Trading Forum to exchange links. Sent a few exchange links post, because the station can also incredibly and many excellent site smooth exchange. This is preliminary progress. Here we all know, exchange links to each other content health, included normal not, preferably the same kind of website.

2, the acquisition of high PR value of the chain, so I made an acquisition of 100 PR value of more than 3 of the chain. In the process is also very funny, a little bit of their own chain when the baby, the price is very high, a little light. Because I am not rich people, plus I received a lot of quantity, so it is difficult to choose some cheap and good outside the chain to do business. A new station outside the chain to find the essential good thing, if you do not have the free resources in this area so we spend some money to purchase energy-saving. Remember, you must guarantee the deal. Here my last little trading is no choice guarantees disputes, fortunately, stationmaster net: black rats (net) to help me through mediation, here again thank thank brothers in Montenegro station network.

3, soft, I Wencai is limited, but to my station I tried to write carefully. Adsense nets editor is wise, although I can’t write about but there are so few papers are recommended to the home page, (there are also a few is not passed) the master may not be what things, but for us beginners, is undoubtedly a booster station. How much of what I’m doing now depends on that. So soft Wen is a qualified webmaster compulsory course. Webmaster net Baidu updated every day, remember, I published the first day of the article in second days on the baidu found. Stationmaster net is the golden ladder that the website leads to baidu.

4, QQ group promotion, we insist on adding about 20 QQ groups every day, to communicate with people in the group, so that we know you, let you know what you are doing, so that we care about your station. Although the effect is not very fast, but this is the best word of mouth promotion.

now, I’m doing two new sites,   Ali’s mother network   star entertainment city network, while collecting links

links, buying and selling, exchanging links,>

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