Where is the real Tao

Amoy friends!! don’t blow out!! cool guts! Read the full text! The reflection. Taobao guest promotion is the Ali Mama a press clinch a deal the promotion mode, as long as Taobao customers from Taobao customers to promote the area code for goods, any buyer (including yourself) after your promotion (link, personal website, blog or community posts) to enter the Taobao seller store after the completion of the purchase, can get paid by the seller of the commission.

this model, many Internet entrepreneurs create opportunities because of this platform, the achievement of a large number of passengers (Amoy), Taobao in the Taobao deal, has occupied a certain proportion. But how many people really do succeed? Although Amoy trading links in many forums, blogs, websites, chat…… was everywhere promotion, but a large part of the guest is incognito, rarely have publicly declared that he is the professional Taoke, can get past on the past. Why not?? indeed, openly Amoy, the release of this link is probably won’t be convinced buyers, not a name? Or are there other reasons, be worth us to think…. it also caused to today, has not been a very active guest star, not to mention a good guest promotion station. The guest tuiguangzhan can at the height of the development of electronic commerce today on its feet?… don’t know that at present does not have a guest tuiguangzhan can real foothold!!!

"my guest promotion way…" "I see" Amoy promotion "I do guest, earning nW"… This post everywhere, but really you say so easily? In fact, the hardships of the Tao guest that guest of the road is not so smooth, there is no so magic! Of course, also have such income on the W of the Tao, but! Who can say that he is the Taobao guest name to achieve it? I’m afraid it’s just a community in taobao.com, taobao.com space. Ali Wangwang inside hard link, but is not willing to disclose their identity to the Amoy, taobao.com, leaving Ali mother network, hit a Taobao customer identity on their own, with their Tao station for special display, promotion, you can live independently?

Tao guest tuiguangzhan webmaster! We are dare to eat crab, think that we are all openly appeared as a guest of the Tao! Said the first to eat crab people can stand up, but we also don’t stand up! Tao station to stand up, we have to create a influential Tao station come out, you, me, him? It doesn’t matter, as long as there is a station can really stand a foot, that is our hope! I hope everyone can seriously thinking about it, how to realize this dream…

station in what form should be on stage, is Taobao Taobao recommended recommended???? in the Forum… What keywords to attract people? How can you let buyers? Whether you in what form, what kind of colors, the most.

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