The choice of PPC advertising keywordsThe novice must learn to do Wangzhuan station

actually, building a website is pretty simple. It’s only 1 to 2 hours for a beginner to learn to build a personal blog or build a forum with WordPress, or Discuz. It’s hard to build a website, and how can we use this site to make money, and more aptly, how do we build a website that will generate money for us?. Think and learn how to build a website that will make money for us. This is the first step in learning how to do the website, and this step must be divided into the following small points:

2, build websites, sort out your original intention of building

3, do sh419 stick, just high quality soft Wen, don’t ask for more, patience to write each.

must be a content marketing, be sure to do with. Marketing should be based on content, and if you don’t even know what the user can get from your website or what you can bring to the user, try to discourage your early attempts to make a profit site. Personal blog making money is not a dream. Many bloggers complain that personal blogs do not make money at all. Traffic is on the one hand, but this is next. The user’s needs are the most important, and you can’t give them what they want. Now, personal blogs are more about sharing trivial things in your life, not celebrities or friends, and they won’t listen to you talking about it. There are fewer and fewer people who can really share some of their lives and work experience on their blogs.

6, the firm doesn’t do ads: blog ads don’t do, cheap ads don’t do it too

analysis of the profitability of the site, this is the second step. Build your own website marketing program, this is the third step. Website promotion, this is the fourth step. Step gradually, the establishment of a web site and raising a child, is in need of long-term care, the slightest careless are intolerable. Below I to gold station promotion experience to make a few suggestions:

in the PPC ad, whether to choose the correct keywords, and finally get the results are very different. If you know your business well, you must choose the words that describe your business as keywords. Take some time to do collective research and list all different ideas. In this study, spend one or two days, to see which words are really able to describe your business is what to do, those who did not clearly describe the deleted or too general word, keyword more is not necessarily better.

5, BBS promotion to their own summary, and what BBS for promotion your website, which plate can send the chain, which website flow is big.

3, first analysis of your website can bring what the user, and then to analyze the profitability of the site

2, do not deliberately search related, sh419 next K is you.

novice to learn more, this study not only reflected in the learning experience of others, the performance is more in terms of technology. The technology can be station building technology, SEO technology, Logo design, programming and so on. The basic technology of the site is each Wangzhuan novice advanced must master, also a novice do long-term planning based wangzhuan.

some people advocate the use of PPC advertising they also have an idea, is to come up with as much as possible the right keywords, different keyword advertising costs are not the same, so it can reduce the average cost of your keyword required. But this method has a problem, many key words are essentially the same, with so many web site related keywords, is nothing more than a waste of money. Take the word "music". If you use it for keywords, maybe it will give you >

1, group promotion don’t do, this is doing no work, and now people basically advertising immunity, no matter how soft your soft wen.

1, select the site of the program

Do Wangzhuan

a few years ago, my friends and I decided to set up an old radio station on the Internet. When we’ve done all the preparations, we plan to spread our station like "the world". But we soon discovered that there were already hundreds of online oldies stations on the Internet, and it would take a lot of time to create our website and get some of the main search engine’s approval. In order to win the momentum, we decided to take some necessary steps to make our website get instant traffic. One way is by PPC pay-per-click PPC advertising to promote our website, for the web site to determine the appropriate keyword is a part of my mission, I took the time to draw up a list of keywords, then do PPC advertisements for our website in a number of search engines.

for the next two weeks, we’ve been pleased with the increasing flow of our old song radio stations. This is like magic, there is no traffic yesterday, but today was like a flood. But a few months later, we realized that despite the surge in traffic on our website, the business has never been strong. I put in PPC ads in many search engines, so I thought it must be something wrong with our ads, not the search engines themselves. I have been aware of the problem for the final analysis, I use the keyword, I choose keywords do not accurately describe our website I do not use the "oldies station network", "Internet music songs" this kind of words, keywords on the contrary, I use some common words, like "50s classic" and "oldies" and "music". For different people, these keywords are very different, and the keywords I choose are too vague and general. Aware of this error, I also selected some keywords, after a period of time, I found a great change, although our site traffic decreased significantly, but the turnover increased by

4, BBS promotion lies in the top, lies in the vest more.

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