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, SP mainly depended on doing some regular business, and gained profit by printing propaganda page and Mobile Corporation mass propaganda. In the second half of 2003, SP gradually entered the lucrative industry. In the operators to apply for a 20 yuan "monthly" business, mandatory customization of the user. Most of the means are sent by SMS, the temptation to respond to the user, regardless of the user replies to any content, as long as there is uplink record, the default custom success. The response rate was 20%.


at present, the network marketing competition is becoming increasingly fierce, "shop salesman" input the keywords in the search engine, will find the shop salesman recruitment information or guest number. Most of the business requirements are relatively loose, any users are likely to become a "guest", but to be a successful "clean out a guest" is not easy.


more professional

, the other party looked blankly, I can only tell him: to provide SMS, MMS, WAP wireless applications, communication protocols and other services. Friends suddenly realized: "my original phone received those liar information, you sent?"

mobile value-added industry chain includes mobile operators, value-added services providers and content providers. In the industry chain, operators – including China Mobile and China Telecom – are both referees and athletes. The rules of the game are made by them and the industry is divided into them. Operators in some provinces have set up their own SP company.

"which old friend was texting me again?" He wished me a happy new year!"

In the first two years of The abuse of SP and the lack of supervision by operators have led to the proliferation of mobile spam messages from

Author: Cao Xia

and SP, the new industry less than ten years old, is not perfect in management and technical specifications, and even has serious flaws.

when you received a text message from a strange cell phone, "did you eat?"" Or, "reply to the number" 8 "to get the prepaid card number, please don’t worry about it. This is likely to be a means of enrichment for telecom value-added service providers,

according to statistics, the average wage of Hushang major shopping malls temporary promotion is about 100 yuan a day, while the average wage for the shopping sales 2000 yuan. If you do not have to go to work every day, no boss boss around, and specifically interested in selling products, more important is the monthly income may be far greater than the average store sales personnel, this kind of work would you like to do?

SP participated in the money game. Some companies began to use reverse customization – users normally cancel business through 00000, and anti custom, that is, users send 00000 to its company port, but customized new business. Some companies are through a variety of channels to get the user’s mobile phone number, directly into their company’s database, the user’s fees deducted.

Earning a lot of money

online shopping Master "I love strawberry" has three yellow diamond buyers, because frequently buy clothing, cosmetics on the network, thus become a part of the "target prey Amoy". "Every open Wangwang, will receive a variety of network links out of order. For this type of message sending, my approach is directly pulled into the black list! "Itself is a foreign marketing staff for her to send spam messages are" guest "marketing practices apparently very disgusted. However, "I love strawberry" was revealed in her friends in a few "high level guest". "They are just like me, is a keen online shopping Master, never take a message"

hey, hey, give her another year!"

rarely talked about my career with other people. Most of my friends, including my family, only knew I was "IT white-collar workers". As for what kind of industry they belonged to, they didn’t know anything about it.

to spring / drawing

SP blew scandalous: those "liar information" is our hair


when the network world has become popular shopping, "Amoy" this emerging occupation has quietly developed. Instant communication tools, is not often a stranger to you recommend a shop? Wandering in the online forum, is not often shopping Master recommend products? Even to see other people’s blog, also can not help but be attracted to the shop he recommended…… They are the "amoy".

SMS mandatory Customization: dig into the first pot of gold


"of course, so I became a guest." Freedom of occupation Mandy in a month ago, just by Taobao to become a new guest. Mandy said, he usually very keen on online shopping, sometimes in the forum shopping experience, also won a number of users sought after, so when she received the letter sent to Taobao, found that there are "clean out a guest" this occupation, is determined to try a.

mall sales staff, "guest" is on the network "cuxiaoyuan" is the intermediary between the buyer and the shop". Get the seller of goods after the link, they will through chat, forum, blog or personal websites and other channels to help sellers, buyers of goods through the promotion into the link after the completion of the transaction, "a certain proportion of guest can get the seller promised release promotion commodity time the Commission income. Taobao according to relevant statistical data, the site of the guest "business in the trial operation within two months, participants has exceeded 200 thousand people, and the good performance of Amoy, profit nearly ten thousand yuan a month.

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