A snapshot of uncanny K station The webmaster you know a lot about the snapshot


compared to the snapshot update slow snapshot is obviously a more terrible thing. Because according to the operation experience everyone’s point of view, once the snapshot file, then your website is likely to be plucked or directly by K off, so as long as there is a snapshot, some owners began to confusion, in fact until now have a very authoritative interpretation, in fact, in my opinion, a the important web snapshot in the search engine database often save multiple copies of web page, these snapshots crawl time is not the same, and in some extreme cases, the search engine may select different from when the snapshot version of the previous search results, resulting in the snapshot time back, so the snapshot is not the site will be directly equated with K, if you are regular warfare, then a reasonable run should not be a problem, as long as the attention optimization under normal The process can be, because you have the snapshot is likely because of love and Shanghai data update synchronization caused, and for some black station may be more serious problem. Itself no quality at all.

update frequency snapshot will affect the keywords ranking web site


for the snapshot, I think many owners will have different feelings. Although love is the official website of the Shanghai for a snapshot of the meaning did not give a positive explanation, but some experienced webmaster can always peep performance in the search engine out of site and the next step may result from a snapshot of the performance, such as your web page snapshot for two weeks did not update, you are not afraid of some? The operation of power, and some results of snapshot of change is directly linked, but things are not absolute, love Shanghai official did not give a detailed explanation, has hinted at everyone for a snapshot of the understanding is in self cognition, some situation is not necessarily the precursor of some

snapshot must be K


in my side often have such things happen, some webmaster friends because of their website snapshot a week is not updated, began a keyword to fall, but it’s such a coincidence? I think all of you will have a similar mentality, according to Shanghai’s official love actually give a snapshot of each definition "to be included in the web page, fell in love with the sea are being a pure text backup, called" love Shanghai snapshot, snapshot itself and our keyword rankings without any relationship between 1%, a snapshot of the role is to give open slow website provides a more accessible platform to show their own, easy to search engine the index of diversity and update frequency snapshot updates the speed obviously with you to decide, supplementary contents timely, high quality and original content, and in between There is a difference reflected on the basis of the will is an excellent source of information that in the opinion, the snapshot update rate naturally faster, if not the performance, so the snapshot should slow down, but the simple snapshot update and brand keywords ranking Hung said, although it is not appropriate.


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