How should update the station in 2013

, timing quantitative update is of the past many Shanghai Longfeng workers comply with the doctrine, including a lot of Shanghai dragon is also head of the daily demands of his hair every day how many articles, how much the chain station. This is a very popular but not very tide.


seems punishment love Shanghai foreign chain is very big, but it has not given up on the content of the website evaluation. In fact, the content of the website is the most fundamental thing is a website, users are most concerned about things, love Shanghai is impossible to ignore. Then, in 2012, after 2013, how to update the station? Some experiences and questions we combined 2012 to look at the 2013 update station.

said so much, is not the blind pursuit of the original, but cleverly pseudo original, the key points such as the title, at the beginning, the first sentence of each paragraph and rectification (this is to please the search engine), the most important is to clear the middle part of the body. What is clear is to take the middle? Content in their own language skillfully together, step by step guide users to read, let users read easily, read well. Don’t let the user you doze off a long and minute statement, the purpose is to guide the user to read a short article.

would you like?

first, to the original

website optimization, a name that sounds very beautiful, but the most basic work is boring content update and the chain construction. For the chain, a lot of people have already in the past 2012, love Shanghai updated several times was directed at the chain, the chain Commissioner for many sisters.


original original or not? This is a very tangled all is very headache. The popular view is that with the development of the site to adjust the proportion of the original and non original. Shanghai Longfeng staff is generally a computer professional background, there is little understanding of industry, especially in the medical industry, it is far less than the level of experts. In fact we can become expert in any industry, we just do the optimization, if it can be diverted to become an expert, so I want to become an expert is not realistic.


so, don’t spend too much time in order to study your industry knowledge and expertise, don’t expect you to be able to provide expert Everfount pure original, too profound to be understood, even if you can do this step, please the search engine, it will find that this is the user. The. The user does not need to look at how professional knowledge, the user needs is easy to understand language. As you go to the general users to sell a software, do not say it uses a kind of advanced computer language, do not explain what advanced algorithm to him, you only need to explain to him what is its function, which can bring convenience and benefits to you.

the second time quantitative

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