How can the user to issue the contents of love

? There are many methods of

how do you know what users love what

2, so straight to the point, line, chastity can be like water. Don’t you feel in writing to the user, but at the time of writing the feeling that you are in dialogue with the user. I can think of, when the user see my article will be what kind of feeling, such a question will answer with your users promote exchanges, resonate with users. To use your sincerity to play.

1, a quasi good enough to attract the attention of the title.

The relevant search inside !

is nothing more than the content of the website, text, pictures, sound, video FLASH. When the competitor’s website only provides the text, you can provide a combination of layout, content can have many forms of combination, layout. Of course, can also provide a more competitive, the visual impact of the video, and even HD video. Always than your competitors do better. When everyone in the pseudo original time, you were great original

We all know that

2, in the search engine to find some potential customer needs, is to in-depth analysis of user needs and concerns.

1, we can do a related investigation, the investigation must be very authoritative, similar to brainstorming.

3, can through the inquiry platform and related industry forum to search the user’s questions, so as to find out the user wants to know the content, then you are the integration of the relevant contents of this question.

believes that the importance of everyone has been very clear of the content on the website, I have been advocating the value of content is king of Shanghai dragon. In the last written website content is still mentioned "King": "if the website is a pond inside, you want to fish large enough, then you will have enough water ponds." But now many of the corporate website, still filled with some information that users are not interested in, or even not associated with their products and services, is a step by step to home ponds filled more and more shallow. Even a lot of enterprise website look long and almost no enterprise products, services provided by the combined navigation above is all about us, product centers, contact us, online message, the same. Did not go straight, convenient for the user to obtain the required information; in the classification of products is also obviously is the maintenance of automobile ready to accept either course, automatic transmission, the classification of products but is the brand of the car. Don’t know what is of interest to the user, the company mentioned hitherto unknown height of no great importance.

4, by now very popular from the media, micro-blog, WeChat user groups, see your potential customers are concerned about what.

and so on, waiting for you to dig it!

5, the love of Shanghai Search Ranking, Taobao ranking, Ali index.

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