Domain name will provoke catastrophe bad love caused by Shanghai not included

if the site was not love Shanghai included, but is a serious problem, not only to the construction site with worry, enterprises or individuals funded the development of the site is more worried.

The reason !

link command:

three, problem domain can let the spider crawling difficulties, there is big problem domain more let love do not give Shanghai included.

, a good domain name can make the website more quickly was collected and ranking advantage;

when we determined from the domain name service provider registration or from the hands of others to buy the domain name, for optimization considerations, so before buying must determine the domain name is search engine (love Shanghai, noble baby) K (although the domain name is K or by some measures so that the domain name search engine approved, but it would undoubtedly need to invest some time and energy)

has a lot of Beijing website customer asked me why my website is online for a long time, but fell in love with the sea but I can’t find my website? Love Shanghai not included, has greatly hindered the enterprises to carry out network marketing, because the love of Shanghai is not included, there is no ranking, it shows that there is no ranking the website will not get traffic in the sea is not love, let potential customers find you.

two, a good domain name can let more people remember, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory;

is the line on the website are not included in Shanghai have a lot of love, especially love the sea is the K domain name, it is absolutely can not be used. So I think it is necessary to how to choose the domain name and share website:

Shanghai: link

love does not represent a directive, just an ordinary keyword. Link:www.bjycxf贵族宝贝 search results contain such a keyword phrases (link:www.bjycxf贵族宝贝) all the web pages, and other general search keywords. Does not find the reverse link.

two domain command:

loves Shanghai: check the web content containing certain keywords. Such as: domain:www.bjycxf贵族宝贝 search results contain the keyword phrase (www.bjycxf贵族宝贝) of all the web pages. Similarly, domain:>

Yahoo: find backlinks, but need to add " in front of the domain name, such as: link:贵族宝贝bjycxf贵族宝贝; 贵族宝贝" note: the domain with and without " www" the result is not the same.

the first two problems for the love of Shanghai not included not what effect, third days is the key to love Shanghai not included, today I specifically talk about third points: diagnosis domain name is search engine K

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