Hefei Shanghai Dragon love Shanghai not update Adsense silent

may?This article is a discussion of

last night at the A5 forum sent a post, on the sea with long time not updated may cause (add 贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/thread-2851158-1-1.html). Replies are as follows:


Figure Figure two: the case of

@ is very clear answer, had to bow in people under the eaves, sometimes also need a low-key Shanghai dragon.

2, not more last night my station to K.

has a long time love no updates to the large scale in Shanghai. More is the K station, daily non-stop small scale adjustment, a keyword one day several ranking occurred frequently. The new station, network company presentation, are looking forward to have a good sign of love Shanghai. From another perspective, since the two special cases of the Shanghai Dragon (LY, LWH) by K, a number of local Hot Blog is down right after, most of the webmaster may think of the same problem, uncontrollable Shanghai dragon ranking, Shanghai dragon where is the way to

1, update will not update, why do people something they love how to play on how to play, no need to look at every day.

@ search engine and the Shanghai dragon behavior is a kind of benign symbiotic relationship, rational behavior is not the Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai to adjust their products in a variety of situations, people love Shanghai center functions greatly enhance the user experience, also believe that certain will rise. We can’t follow love Shanghai this "net tiger", but the user experience of the site to do small promotion is not very difficult? Calm, continue to own the correct operation. But at the same time to do is up, marketing integration, and not blindly all the day to fall in love with the sea box ranking, we are not Internet companies, ranking up, get throught a thing carelessly. The ranking is not the only, though it is a direct and effective method.

3, hit Shanghai dragon


4, should be in a volume adjustment algorithm

: new love Shanghai personal center


love Shanghai. You see, the more unpredictable. Many human or non-human test sites appear proud of the ranking

@ K appears to be a lot of station is to analyze the phenomenon, from their own site K causes more.



, welcome everybody to continue to express their views in this post, in this very period". This is the last two days this month for two days, I believe Shanghai should have a love for.

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