Love Shanghai Lee establish the website search crawl habit

1, simple and clear

(5) and the directory subdomain choose to believe that there are a large number of owners of doubt, in our opinion, when the content is less and content related suggestions to achieve a higher degree in the format of the catalog, to inherit and convergence weight; when the internal capacity and more and master degree of correlation is slightly worse suggested to the subdomain form to achieve.

(3) appearance of the users and machines can be judged through URL theme page content;

2 simple and beautiful URL rules

(1) structure tree structure optimal "home – Channel – details page";

love Shanghai stationmaster Lee introduce search grasping the working principle of the system, according to the working principle of this brief introduction about how to build a website is in line with the search engine used to capture system.

(1) only the same content web page only and only one corresponding to the URL, the weight of too much URL in the form of the page will be scattered, and the target URL risk weight filter in the system;

Spider is equivalent to the web crawl to traverse the graph, then a simple structure of hierarchical website is sure to love it, and try to ensure the readability of spider.

(3) mesh to ensure that every page has at least one text links, can make the site as much as possible to grab included in the construction of the chain also has a positive effect on sorting can.

(3) part of the electricity supplier.

(2) simple dynamic parameters as little as possible, to ensure the shortest possible URL;

(2) the establishment of the website sitemap files, links and timely submit documents, through the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform;


(1) don’t ignore the bad robots file, the default system robots is banned search engines, when the site after the establishment of appropriate and timely view of writing robots documents, website maintenance process should pay attention to regular inspection;

Site structure of

we recommend the following form url:url as short as possible and easy to read and to allow the user to quickly understand, such as the use of Pinyin as a directory name; the same content only corresponds to only URL and the parameters in the system, remove the meaningless; if only URL is not guaranteed, as the url301 to the target URL in different forms; alternate domain 301 to prevent users from the wrong domain name.

(4) with a convenient navigation navigation users know where the path for each page.

3, other considerations

(2) flat home page to the details page level as little as possible, not only to grasp the friendly and can be very good weight transfer.

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