Adhere to the original content half the website finally right down

when he thought it was imitation station in addition to the problem, so listen to the advice of friends, to modify the CSS file name. I try to modify a few, but because he is not very understanding of the CSS, so did not stick to it. Want to find a friend to help, but also without success. So the name of the CSS file almost without any change.

love Shanghai encyclopedia charge in this industry, love the Shanghai encyclopedia official must know, although they made no announcement against the charges but love the Shanghai encyclopedia, encyclopedia marketing from other aspects of water, can be determined explicitly, the official is absolutely against it. The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love >

I check a lot, and not that is the cause of the K. So to find a friend to help look at my friend, Ma Zhibin, is more powerful. He gave me the answer is Shanghai official website promotion website and love too similar, so the result is K. Yes, this is my website’s Encyclopedia of marketing with fake love Shanghai website promotion. Because I like is not an ordinary station, but Shanghai love their own website, so for this reason is K. I basically agree with this statement.

but I think again, don’t love Shanghai algorithm added factor to protect their own site, I think is not possible, since to combat imitation station, need not only against their own website. This imitation, too implausible. Now a lot of enterprise station, personal station, basically are weaving imitation, appearance is almost just changed the subject as like as two peas, and why others site has not been K, but their website is K? I begin to suspect the reason.

in the next time, we still insist that every update an original articles. Because I think my site not cheating, eventually one day Shanghai will put out, I want to prove the value of the website content. Know to write a few articles today, the website page is almost original, although not up to a day. I was looking at other stations below the industry, many stations have been down the right, keyword rankings are very reliable, or no ranking. So I think the site itself is no problem, but because of the problems of the industry, the problem is the content of the website.

realized by now, Shanghai dragon is to insist, adhere to the original content of the road. I have a website that resides in less than 2 months of the day, is suddenly found in the evening, the site result is zero. I was shocked, because this is I want to start a project of the important point. When the mood is very heavy, don’t know why.

in this website, my work is the daily published an article, the article basically is the original, which is rich in chains. In addition to the station update, any other things are not done. In contrast there is no sign of the situation, the website was immediately K, really is not the solution. In addition to heart depressed or depressed.


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