What kind of website is conducive to improve the conversion rate of it

what kind of website is helpful to improve the conversion rate of


is more than four issues of common enterprise website, your enterprise site if there are these problems? The development of electronic commerce, network marketing is the future trend of the internet. I hope you have the potential demand, seize the opportunity to make their businesses strive for further improvement of sales performance. The sale by flying the studio staff to explain in detail:

2, there is no interaction.

4, the selling point is not outstanding, can not attract people.

2, eye-catching product information or services provided. Potential customers most need to understand is that visitors can solve the demand for products or services. On the first screen position need to enterprise products or services to provide users with eye-catching.

products are too simple, not exhaustive, outdated content, not attractive to customers.

visitors to find contact information, no message, registration, and businesses unable to timely and effective communication.

1, concise and profound logo, clear navigation design. Logo is the site logo, is to browse the website the first concern. The importance of self-evident. The navigation bar is to let visitors more clear and find the information area required, find the required content.

Four common problems of the

3, crudely made content.

site is not only in order to increase the enterprise exposure rate is more important for the enterprise profit. Most of the website there is a big problem: no conversion (sales of products). This problem is a major obstacle to enterprise website profit. Excuse me: your website is helpful to improve the conversion rate on the Internet? In about eighty percent of the enterprise website is a problem, the most common problem is the enterprise website did not bring sales, did not bring profit to the enterprise promotion. This subjective view that network marketing is not reliable stuff, not the letter, or do the reality of marketing. Don’t know there is a big problem in the enterprise website? The fly first sale studio personnel details:

4, can be seen everywhere in contact. Then you can dial.

The establishment of


site navigation color out of order, is not clear, many sites have forced dialogue window, a lot of dead link, website flash, floating window, text effects damage website interface beautiful and so on.

3, speak with the facts of customer case. The case is to persuade the user, is to let users of their products at ease, convincing. Trust is more conducive to the user of the product.

1, website interface design confusion, poor user experience.


website source of most other sites, copy and paste, lack of credibility, has been discontinued or not products are still on the site and so on.

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