How to let the K website through re examination of love practice recognition of Shanghai

is the first method is to stop the chain website, the website is K, also send the chain so much what? The chain is to make our site gradually enhance the brand, but once the website is K, if you are not aware of this, so the release of the chain will not only let be K site into the abyss, moreover also let love Shanghai completely on your web site, a sense of powerlessness, finally will your site completely into the abyss, will be included in the site, the chain are reduced to 0, so the author suggests that the site was K after the first thing is not to update the content, is not to check the website, but let the web site outside of the chain will stop your forum signature removed, this is the most important thing to do.

is not to say that the site is K has no effect, in fact, a site is K if operating properly, rational operation method can still get recognized by Shanghai love to review, I have two sites in October by the sea love K out, through 1 months of hard work, now the site have again been recognized by the Shanghai love, here I share some of their methods to restore the site, the method is through practice, I believe I can help to you.

third method is to write new articles immediately after submission before we love Shanghai, after the new writing first thing are reproduced out, I told you this mistake, your new article has not been recognized and loved Shanghai, but this time you will turn the load to other sites, this not only will not let love Shanghai recognized the contents of your site, opposite love Shanghai will think your website content is copied, so the author suggests that the content of your site production after the first thing is to copy the generation after the web site in the search box of love love Shanghai, Shanghai you will be prompted for the web site does not exist, this time you click submit the new web site, will copy the URL in the past, the love of spiders in Shanghai will be the first time to grab the contents of your site, long time the love will naturally think of Shanghai Your website is the production of original content website, naturally >

second method is based on "one center" written content, why love Shanghai has been advocated to improve the user experience of this topic, the reason is because the majority of the content of the website is really unbearable and give a very simple example: if your website is the website construction, website title name place name + website, but your website content is basically related to website marketing, from the looks of your content is not much, but in fact a look at your content is not the user needs, the user needs is the website construction and how to make you. The contents of marketing can be said to have the table does not have the essence, now at least thirty percent sites are present in this case, hope that the webmaster friends can pay attention to the website, Let be around a central point of the writing, and the center is not the website keywords are not described, but the title of the site, only the title of the site is the real center website.

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