The keywords ranking solution after the disappearance


site optimization: because the website operation time is not long, so the site is not too big change, so the structure is only slightly optimization, and the modified

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for webmasters, keywords ranking disappear is not an unusual thing, a lot of people in the imperceptibly let your website main keywords from the search engine it disappeared from the search engine is full of hostility, and not to take the initiative to study the main key words ranking below from the why will disappear! My own experience tell us about how I saved a website main keywords disappear!

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: the reasons for the main keywords ranking disappear analysis

two: find the reasons that I love Shanghai website isn’t simple K off, but on the inside of the sandbox, so this next time I’ll stick with the three methods, involves three aspects of content construction, website structure optimization and the construction of the chain of

content of Construction: it took me a lot of energy, this time I don’t have to update the site pseudo original, but the use of original content update, insist to write about slimming article every day, some small skills, and with the product weight article, not a day break, and every day will update nearly ten articles

My !The construction of the chain: when

I do is about lookingthrough the keyword guide Station, just after the construction of full operation in enthusiasm, will come to the main search site keywords ranking by the sea love every day, after continuous efforts to me during this period, finally the keyword search engine can rise to second pages, see the main keywords ranking rising, I am very happy, but later found that the profitability of the keywords lookingthrough is not good, so he replaced the keywords weight loss drug list, which is such a change, unfortunately, my main keywords ranking disappeared, the snapshot is updated slow some of the page, and complete all goodbye, it makes me anxious, but fortunately I did not flinch, so I began to analysis the reason of


this site has been on the front page two at the beginning of the rankings, which for me is just only a few months of the construction site, the result is still quite satisfactory, but the site was not let my site to get good profit, so I changed the main keywords weight loss drug list profit the higher, then the structure, title and description of the related change, originally confident that through their own changes do not appear what problem, but third days after the modification of the main keywords, my website ranking disappeared, the main reason for this is because the main keywords visible changes caused, so I want a way to describe the structure and again modified to make them more close to the original structure, but after a period of time the main keywords I did not come back

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