The website should first optimize home page or page optimization

optimization page or page optimization, this problem should start from the key, we know that a site has three keywords, respectively is the brand word (site name), core words (unique), the main keywords (words, common words, industry) of long tail keywords.


for website optimization we compare Care >

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brand word because it is their website name, because the core word is their unique product or service, this kind of competition is relatively small but very important, generally set up in the home, the optimization basically is not difficult, as long as the good keywords layout, under normal circumstances a month can be optimized.

has at least one phenomenon is that more and more enterprises attach importance to the Internet, since 2012 after 628, we have been in bad mouthing Shanghai dragon, the entry of new friends to see is a piece of negative information, plus the Shanghai dragon cannot quick, always feel that the industry can not go on. A search box where there is Shanghai dragon, you think of

is a very practical problem, the number of users on the rise, the number of sites is also rising in a certain ratio. So why does it feel like to the site less? Because the real individual stationmaster is less and less. Why do you think Shanghai Longfeng less? Most of my friends think that guard yuan Kun Shanghai dragon is equal to the rank, traffic, and now the way to get traffic too much, Shanghai dragon long and unstable.


Internet Network Information Center data show that as of December 2015, China netizens reached 688 million, Internet penetration rate reached 50.3%, half Chinese has access to the internet. Chinese site a total of 4 million 230 thousand, representing an increase of 880 thousand in 2014, 34% of the Internet companies to set up full-time positions at the grassroots level, 24.4% of the enterprises have set up an Internet related professional team, 13% of the enterprises by the decision-making planning work leading internet.

is the general layout of long tail keywords in the content page, this basically according to the needs of users, users to search and integrate the phrase, is a more accurate search volume and demand relatively, but because it is not on the inside pages of competition, so the competition degree is medium.

These data indicate that


see a problem today in Search ask: should first optimize the page or inside pages of a web site. Because now more and more friends do not do so for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng problem is all kinds of dynamic, with the industry’s Guardian yuan Kun, and also talk about my friend’s problem.

for Shanghai dragon in this industry problem is not in-depth, after all, feel good will always move forward, do not think for themselves forever in the wait-and-see. We return to the subject of this article, the website should first optimize home page or page optimization.

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