The mobile nternet search engine is not like the reason behind

in the mobile internet terminal will make search engines so unpopular? You know the PC internet terminal, search engine has become an important entrance of the user, and the mobile internet terminal, has not become the entrance, but not essential supporting role, the emergence of such a huge contrast, the the reasons are as follows:

third, the search engine results relative to garbage, service is relatively low. We open the browser through the intelligent mobile phone platform, and the corresponding search activities, although the content is very rich, but behind these contents are there are a lot of advertising, and these ads often make the user accidentally in the mobile phone installed on a variety of.

second, a large number of capital involved, people began to get breakthrough thinking. In the mobile Internet world, no doubt to the creative capital and brings greater play to stage. Through capital operation can make an application known to every family in a very short period of time, WeChat had to develop payment function, through the rapid accumulation of bribe way popularity, let Alipay feel WeChat fears. While a large number of red envelopes activities, is undoubtedly the result of capital operation, and this kind of marketing and creative characteristic, can instantly accumulated a lot of popularity. In addition to all kinds of APP in the mobile Internet platform big investment and promotion, will allow users to quickly cognition of these APP services, so as to directly select the corresponding APP service to get the corresponding help, and not to spend more time on the search engines, because the search engine brings the promotion effect has great this is being weakened, resulting in the mobile Internet platform, search engine seriously weakened degree of important factors.

first, the mobile Internet use time fragmentation. We know, now many people on the bus, waiting for dinner served during this period of time, or is the toilet or half an hour before going to bed, many users will take a mobile phone to the internet. However, these tend to have significant fragmentation, and no continuity, and the characteristics of longer time span. Time in the debris environment, users can directly use the corresponding APP application, fast play, will not spend a lot of time to search what kind of applications, and then install, or browse the website what. These applications often will let users feel in spend a lot of time, so the mobile Internet fragmentation of time, allowing users to use search engines become weak.

according to the latest statistics, the mobile internet terminal search engine usage rate began to decline dramatically, just PC internet terminal 40%, terminal and the mobile Internet search engine development has also had a number of years, the other end of the mobile Internet search engine that has continued to decline in the rate is. More and more users mainly use various APP services, rather than the use of search engines to search. This is from a certain extent, in the mobile internet terminal, search engine development will encounter bottlenecks.

So why is

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