According to the Qihoo 360 of Shanghai dragon optimization ranking say what

2. submit 360 search engine login entrance the author has done experiments, at the same time submit noble baby, love Shanghai, 360, Bing (will be), immediate, Sogou, soso and other major search engine rankings included and good order of the noble baby, 360, Sogou, soso, Bing, love Shanghai, immediately. Love is Shanghai 3 days before being included in the other.

data traffic statistics agency CNZZ released:


here we first look at a set of data, is to understand why we have to study 360 search engine optimization objective, which is why the author write this article.


with the recent increase of 360 market share in search of a large number of Shanghai dragon Er enthusiasts began to study the optimization algorithm for the 360 search, in the search field, Shanghai dragon enthusiasts everywhere, we heard the "market", love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er, Google Shanghai dragon Er, Taobao Shanghai dragon Er, because micro-blog. Sina micro-blog search market Shanghai dragon ER and so on, obviously, 360 such powerful search engine market, Shanghai dragon Er is definitely not let the characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng Er lovers: love of all kinds of search engines to grab the Internet page, how and how to determine the index for a particular keyword search results ranking. The ranking is Shanghai dragon Er goal, "potential customers" is the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon Er "

engine usage Chinese search

do not boast, for the 360 specific search page results Tucao points:

data show that the search engine is calculated according to the pageviews, its market share has reached 15.26%. And earlier this year, Zhou Hongyi said the company’s search engine market share should reach 20% at the end of the year. Soso Sogou Sohu and Tencent respectively to 8.83% and 3.4% of the market share ranked three or four.

1.360 security monitoring security started 360, needless to say this, but before a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have through their site experiments to make a very good explanation, there are articles you can go to search (there are pictures and the truth), the author has also done experiments, does have some help, because the provisions of enterprise internal case, inconvenience to the public. PS: if your site did not play a role, don’t say I lie Oh, after all each site are not the same, not the same as the results show. So if you don’t achieve the effect you want, should be comprehensive analysis of website and keyword set and other aspects, don’t blame me.

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2013 March Chinese search engine market use rate of

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