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I found many webmaster love in LOGO with H1 tags, and join the site keywords in LOGO alt. This is wrong, if the use of LOGO H1 label, then ALT will become the theme of the ZhengZhan keywords appear, lead to the relevant website article content with the theme, increased pressure judgment spiders, lead to wrong topic. The usage of the H1 reference the author of the Guangzhou trademark registration website 贵族宝贝sbzcw.net, the registered trademark in the network due to the H1 tag in the title, 20 days on-line trademark registration related articles basically reached the second charge level, therefore, the correct approach should be the title of the article as H1 tags.


last day Shanghai Webmaster Platform released the latest document that talk about the original project, although love Shanghai pointed out some authoritative information for the original article, so I feel really excited for a while, but after reading the article, the feeling is actually some topic a commonplace talk of an old scholar. For example, on the acquisition and pseudo original description in 6.28 events last year, I believe that many webmaster have tasted the sweetness to". Therefore, the author is not too much to pay attention to.

, application of

love Shanghai is currently to be included in the timely and accurate quality articles with a certain degree of difficulty, need to be able to successfully capture the match to the quality of the contents of the website. We do not discuss here about love Shanghai’s technical level, after all, is the love of Shanghai platform, since the algorithm requires us to do so, in order to get more traffic, then we have to cater to the needs of the search engine. So webmaster how to cope with the search engine, search engine to successfully capture high-quality content

HTML tag

three, on the writing of the title

website? The explanation of

website layout routine, for example if the trademark registration enterprise website, then the news, or knowledge of this type of trademark registration article list column should be put in conspicuous places and navigation, the latest release of the articles in the top of the page as close as possible to the place. In addition, the structure of setting a breadcrumb can review website directly for a website, to improve the efficiency of spider crawling. The structure of the site of the tree, the home page list page the article page.

time in the past nearly a year, by the algorithm effect, indeed the emergence of a lot of the original site, some sites have to rely on the original ranking, but some sites adhere to the original but buried in the ocean of information. So many webmaster Tucao, the original really useful? If you don’t lower the quality of the original, but also for users is really worth reading if you may wish to refer to this part of the "thing" talk about the original project in the article: "the difference, the problem of extracting structured information.

search engine websiteIt is best to use the

two, a clear structure to inform the layout of the

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