Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng sex please pay close attention to Google

Although Google

with the first half of 2010, Google launched China, Chinese mainland Internet users can only access server in Hongkong Google HK domain name, since a lot of people in the industry believe that the experience can deep into space, no influence on the website of the large, often do not have access, website snapshot from to open, more a few pages of search results strike. Because of these, Google’s market share fell to 2.88% in August this year, the data show. Therefore, the domestic Shanghai dragon is almost always love Shanghai, does that mean we can ignore Google Shanghai dragon Er, solitary rattan but not to regard it as right, there are the following reasons:


3, Google will not give up the Chinese market

above is the solitary rattan share sex Shanghai Shanghai dragon also pay close attention to Google, by the Huian stone.

is more advanced than the love of Shanghai

1, Google

2, by Google can optimize

this is an important reason for the solitary rattan Shanghai Shanghai dragon sex has also been concerned about Google, love Shanghai ranking mechanism and the ranking performance itself is impermanent, plus rengong intervention, more elusive, but Google said ranking mechanism is entirely determined. So solitary rattan is not necessarily accurate personal view is: if Google keywords ranking on the home page, the website weight to the chain enough, just outside the chain of correlation, may love Shanghai more concerned about the universality, nature and the originality of these factors hinder the site in the ranking fell in love with the sea, so the solitary rattan this time will remain the chain number or even reduce the chain number, do the above factors adjusted. If the site is Google to drop right even K station, then you must be out of what serious sites suspected of cheating, if not corrected, may have been love Shanghai right down sooner or later.

look at this title you might say Shanghai is more localized, and they are two different patterns of love, Shanghai is to make search flow into their products, while Google is to let search traffic as short as possible in the residence time is short, traffic transfer station. Google and love Shanghai really are different, but the core principle is similar to the same, but the development of Google longer, love Shanghai is the little brother felt has been behind. So what if Google in addition to the new mechanism, I believe the near future love Shanghai update similar, which is equivalent to the love we can see the future of Shanghai, in order to make the appropriate update strategy.

guidance to love Shanghai

exit China, but a lot of people with the same estimated solitary rattan think this is temporary, the future is something not far from Google to enter the market Chinese. Google is the world’s largest search engine giant, according to foreign media reports, research company Forrester Research Tuesday released July 22nd report shows that in 2013 the global number of Internet users will reach 2 billion 200 million, of which 17% came from China, China’s number of Internet users in the world, such a big market, as the giants can give up

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