Shanghai dragon back to the grass roots work 6 methods to solve the key material website has not yet

Wikipedia. The use of the term, people search. You will not level higher than Wikipedia, but the long tail varieties you will begin to row you distinguish from Wikipedia organic.


rules have changed, so playing the game changing. I still use the keyword analysis tool, but I also found a way to get a mix of key words are not significant, improve my work efficiency. The following material Corporation (贵族宝贝tooopen贵族宝贝/) M to share experience, how to find and solve key words failed to develop material website, these methods not only applies to the material site, other sites are also suitable for, hope can give you help to:


fourth step: determine the other relevant provisions of the topic from the Wikipedia directory.

do you think Wikipedia is a huge encyclopedia? Think again, Wikipedia keyword research material communes small M, the process is very simple.

1, Wikipedia

entry in Wikipedia, to determine the most relevant terms from the first few paragraphs, evolved into the longail iteration.

What do The fifth step:

view engine to identify the most relevant search terms and keywords in a Wikipedia entry.

in other words, Wikipedia is one of the world’s best effective search engine optimization strategy. Obviously, Wikipedia’s popularity shows us that these keywords people want information. As one of the greatest content marketing strategy, combined with user generated content and prolific publication scale.

(case: 贵族宝贝tooopen贵族宝贝/

The third step: open the The second step:

Shanghai dragon worker, the usual work might be looking for some typical keyword research tools with keyword input some words, do things carelessly, clock home. Easy, fast and simple. Today’s work is different. Popular keyword tool is to have the advantage of long tail keywords, but it is difficult to find out the users actually need to find the words.

is the world’s sixth most popular website ranking, Google ranked fourth on the list. It has 310000000 unique visitors (20% volume), and 7900000000 page views. All of this without advertising.

1: you you want to step search topic in Google, or Google’s theme or terms. The first result usually shows that Wikipedia.


The automatic generation of

2, Google

website material Corporation)

links to other Wikipedia see related topics, and to identify more keywords.

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