Noble baby adjust search results further integration of social information

Facebook and Twitter is a threat to the noble baby, because they do not allow Google search engine through their service to grab photos, links and comments. This is a problem for Google, because if the system is not the expression of people on their very important thing, in order to combine these preferences in the search results, the search engine will become less useful.

, the Internet search leader hope eventually can fully understand each user, in order to modify the search results according to the unique interests of each individual search. Different people began to see more different search results, these results include Google released from 6 months of social service + nobility baby input content.



to deal with this challenge, in the search to increase the search plus your world Torgovnik circle "(Search plus, your world) function. This function will automatically open on Tuesday at the Google user login and English search. Google researcher · Gomes (Ben Gomes) said: "this opens up a new road for the search".

Google search results to integrate social network content (Tencent technology plan)

Google is not the first company to do so. Microsoft’s Bing from last May began the analysis on Facebook user preferences and other information search engine. But Google more personalized results will attract more attention, because of its dominant position in the search engine.

technology news (Xiao E) January 10th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, Google will be screening + nobility baby photos and comments, contains more personal information on its Internet search results. The new personalized features introduced Tuesday, marking Google toward one of the most ambitious one step further.


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