The new station is not for search engines ignore the impression of

5, buy the chain: this method is actually very good, to the first row, but because of the need to spend money, so it is still placed in the last. The ancients said: "to persuade people to pay, like a blunt knife flesh". But if you have economic.

4, I have some old station: This is not very practical, so in the fourth row. Because some friends don’t have, if any, may the weight is not high is not timely, the effect will be discounted, and the old station chain railway station, although for the new station is good, but for the old station is not good, a little feeling that. However, if the old station in a long time, you collect timely, if high weight, add a new link not only greatly benefit to new sites, but also will not influence your old station.

first we talk about the chain. To build a new station outside the chain should start from the new station on the line before, don’t wait in the railway station, because the subject we say, what we want is a search engine first impression score, this is like the same face as we go. Since there is no new included, no PR, no ranking, you have to let others and your friends of the chain that is not possible, and I said, the construction of the chain of new sites in new haven’t before the line began to send the chain. So the chain of new sites where

forum forum signature signature: Although the weight is not high, but a large amount of ah, so the signature should be put in second. If you have a few large large forum signature, for a new station on the line is very helpful. No other people have also never mind, ah, you know the method, I do not have to say.


3, the amount of blog blog: Although there is no signature, but the relatively high weight blog signature, so put in the third. If you have the weight is high, included fast blog to the railway station, plus links, and write some new online keyword related articles were published, the effect is very good oh.

1, soft Wen: soft, is a magic weapon for new propaganda, which should be in the first row. Write some high quality soft add new link in Admin5, im286, 28tui, why etc. Shanghai Longfeng included fast, high weight site hair on the table. The more the better, you know this time your new site is not online, not into the sandbox, now is to hold the impression.


many friends always said his new posts submitted to the search engine, the long-term is not given included; or, the new sites included a collection of content pages by search engines is less K. In fact, this is the first time you search engine included when the score is not divided. I made a post called "let your new sites in 24 hours by love Shanghai and noble baby also included" I mentioned that, in the chain before the new station on the line must have included and help new scores, which are a very important point, the new station must not go on acquisition the content of others and fast on-line. So how to railway station, one of the highest scores impression? Nothing more than starting from two aspects, one is the chain, content is two.

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