n 2013 the owners should be how to send the chain

in the second, the chain platform of choice, should change from the past to find a platform for the selection of platform. In 2013, the platform can not see the hair piled on the platform, in fact many considering their own interests gradually heightening the threshold of the link. From the new, scarce platform should be the key consideration of the Commissioner of the chain, each platform should also be the most suitable for their own. The platform can be a large number of people outside the chain you rush on like a swarm of hornets best not to join in the fun, to avoid being caught love Shanghai. Find the platform should start from two directions: one is to find some people did not find the platform, that is not how many people to send the chain platform, so it is you outside of the chain has unique characteristics; two is to develop some suitable platform, such as upgrades, gather >

first, the hair of the chain of ideas must be changed, especially for the Commissioner of the chain is of great significance. In 2012, many believe that the chain Commissioner will say that they are doing is toil, physical work, every day was in charge of holding down the mechanical operation of the chain, every day to send a few hundreds of people. But in 2013, the bitter days will gradually coming to an end. Because this method of mass outside the chain is not a long-term strategy. We can think so, every day, can batch operation can be hundreds of the chain chain is not good. 2013 of the chain is no longer the standard to win, but to win, it is no longer into the physical, but mental. Therefore, in 2013, the Commissioner of the chain are made every day the chain number will be reduced, because they each made of a chain, you need time to think, need time to design the chain.

2012 in the past, for the majority of my colleagues do Shanghai dragon, you still fear? For the medical website of Shanghai Longfeng children’s shoes, are you going to give up? 2012 search sector is too big, the love of Shanghai is subject to changing moods, so many owners are also tortured. However, 2012 in the past, it was all over


of course not. We never expect love in Shanghai because of the guilt and punishment website, more to reflect on their own way. Love Shanghai, including other search engines do not oppose the Shanghai dragon, but you must not go astray. Many experts predict that 2013 of the search engine wars will be more intense, which also determines the search bigwigs did not relax the user experience for Shanghai personnel under the delusion is the dragon with heresy to benefit.


in 2012, fell in love with the sea really hurt a lot of Shanghai dragon Er, which hit in the chain this piece is the most people’s medical website is The imprint is engraved on my heart., hit into ruins. We can be sure of is that love Shanghai update every time algorithm, will eliminate a large number of non Shanghai dragon mistakes or wrong operation, if you are also stubborn, doomed to be killed, just a matter of time. Then, after a catastrophe of 2012, 2013 should be how to send the chain

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