The new search engine in terms of method summary

the 6 step finished, the website included rate basically will be greatly improved, today I analyzed the web log, the number and the number of web crawling sitemap.xml love Shanghai and noble baby in the basic agreement, the extra page is just the two day of the new article.


4, the above 3 steps are the site map work, the fourth step is to each big search engine submission site, this step is very simple, the site generally know.

, the website set up successfully, a new sitemap.xml file in the root directory, which should be strictly in accordance with the XML code to write, contains the website home page, cover page, list page, the article page. If the content is too much, you can automatically generate module to upload a site map (there are a lot of network, we can find their own), if you do not mind can also be a sitemap.xml file to add.

in the robots.txt file to add Allow:/sitemap.xml, this code wants spider access sitemap.xml files, in general, the search engine spiders first grab robots files, so that the spider can along the sitemap clear access to the entire site.

my idea is correct, here to share with you my two days to do what work is how to make fast search engine website:

6, the website launched successfully, the past few days to ensure that the website content update, I this day two 20 new articles, though not original, but also to ensure the quality of the original artifacts.

After 1

this time I have been studying the new station how quickly can be included in search engines, for my last week in the local set up a website in September 2nd, I put the website upload data to the server, so far (September 4th), included specific as shown below:

3, submitted to the sitemap.xml, now love Shanghai and noble baby can submit a site map, but in view of the fact that many owners there is no love Shanghai Webmaster Platform account, I only submit the GOOLGE site map of the test:



The results show that

5, this step is very important, but also very simple, is to lead spider, how to lead? My approach is to do anchor text link in various forums, the link to the half chain to the home page, half chain to sitemap.xml, in order to ensure the success of the spider, it is recommended that you take the time to write a few articles of the original article, add anchor text in the article, so the spiders will be more love.

In 2,


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