The website chain forms

in general can be divided into three categories: pure text outside the chain, with super chain URL outside the chain, the anchor text chain. The general site has the URL of the website will be love Shanghai included, but these chain’s effect is different.

anchor text link refers to hyperlinks with keyword. This is a lot to do good keywords ranking. But it is not easy to do the anchor text, many forums can be released now, anchor text links, said to the webmaster to cherish resource on your hand gently, don’t be a title.

1, a chain which has several forms, their role in

correlation, the correlation of correlation here is not confined to the theme of the site, in some comprehensive.

1, We usually send the chain


with super chain chain

two, released the chain need to pay attention to the problem of

22, URL

love this year Shanghai issued a green algorithm, this algorithm has cracked down on the soft link and signature links, so we do when these links should pay attention to relevance and usefulness, otherwise it will become the object of love against Shanghai.

pure text outside the chain, we do is in soft, leaving do comment on the web site, like "贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝, please indicate the relevant domain such as pure text outside the chain can increase the site, in the fall in love with the sea with domain: these instructions can be found links to be included. If a soft Wen wrote enough to attract, resulting in a large number of outlets, can bring good correlation domain for the site, which can improve the site weight and ranking.

with super chain URL chain can directly click to enter the URL link, this link is relatively pure text links is very good. Put in the soft can not only improve your weight, but also bring traffic to the site. Use this link to the site conversion rate is also considerable.

webmaster every day and send the chain, every 50, 100 or more. But there are many webmaster know foreign chain really. Do Shanghai dragon industry there for two years, in the usual course of the hair of the chain also do some summing up, hope to help the webmaster.


33, the anchor text link

in the chain in the form of content is to be extensive, correlation. We are most familiar with the webmaster is webmaster forum, want some weight high webmaster forums, like A5, Shanghai dragon why, a push, the webmaster found every day, hair post, posts are very easy to be included. If we do is the webmaster site, so there is no problem, so the high weight of the chain can bring weight transfer website ranking, but if we do other products, so it is easy to be considered cheating love Shanghai.

1, pure text outside the chain


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