Common black hat Shanghai dragon cheating you know how much

black hat Shanghai dragon is what we call the Shanghai dragon cheating, although the search engine on the black hat Shanghai dragon hit never stopped, and very tough, but still has its existence value of the black hat Shanghai Longfeng operation practices, is still popular in some industries and some Shanghai dragon strategy.

6. to buy the old domain or domain name weight. The old domain name and domain name transaction weight PR value is still hot in China, many transactions are based on the Shanghai dragon.

5. under different domain name. Many people stood in construction of time using the same web content or the same website template, this search engine temporarily no measures against, in general, not more than 50% can duplicate content website, website templates will generally be ignored.

1. hidden text or hidden links. There are a lot of hidden links, the hidden process has many, simple to use CSS external call or JS external call way many search engines still unrecognized. Whether it is strong or noble baby love Shanghai, there are still a lot of code hidden links way is not recognized, here I will not detail, as long as it is able to avoid the search engine recognition, the hidden text or hidden links are effective.


4. accumulation. Keywords control layout is every Shanghai dragon comrades will pay attention to the problem of key words I said here the accumulation in fact has no strict definition, the end keyword density in the scope of what belongs to the keyword or keywords? How is the accumulation of keywords layout? In fact, there is no way to define the search engine is very strict, as long as you remember the keywords on the line layout should be uniform.

in Shanghai Longfeng cheating, many are easy to search engine very simple recognition, it will gradually be eliminated. Here, the six space to introduce the domestic commonly used some black hat Shanghai Longfeng technique, but also can be said to be the effective way of black hat Shanghai dragon.

The repeated use of the content of the website and the website template

3. paid links. A paid link is still a black hat very popular domestic Shanghai dragon operation practices, not just individuals or small companies, large companies to Alibaba, intelligent and large companies are using this technique, general search engines do not punish buy links, only to deweight sale website link.

2. domain short-term behavior. In many primary Shanghai Longfeng learners love in this way, the purchase of a keyword URL, then the key short-term hot period to earn traffic, in order to obtain advertising, is abandoned in the future no longer popular keywords. Such as the words "do TV series the legend of Bruce Lee", in the number of TV broadcast period every day IP can reach hundreds of thousands, in this period of time if the keywords ranking is good every day advertising costs can be thousands of.

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