Mentality of elite students selling dumplings to get rich

students called God’s favored one, in the opinion of most people, university graduates should do some related work and identity. But now the social competition is more and more intense, the annual college graduates to the enterprise’s position has been oversupply. College students are no longer a special address. As the top students of Tongji University, Chen Kai gave up his life in the big city office, and the choice of home business selling dumplings. The following is the entrepreneurial story Chen Kai sold dumplings for college students.

in Changning District Anxi road Anhua Road intersection, Jiang Rongxing steamed hall shop is very eye-catching, blue cards read "Jiang Rongsing" three words, there are a China wearing traditional clothing of the boy’s head. This is a shop selling steamed buns, noodles, rice and other Chinese snacks, fast food stores, every meal time, attracted a large number of neighbourhood.

and ordinary snack bar is different, this store is open and bright, the door with gorgeous crystal lights, the waiter is refined and courteous. The summer of the end point of single seat, they will close the add

details determine success or failureA lot of

to store the table for example, seemingly ordinary in a mystery, it feels very smooth vertical and horizontal feels rough. This allows guests to sit face to face, it is easy to push the table, and the waiter can be placed on the table from the side of the table is not smooth. If air conditioning is not just to buy one or two sets of vertical air conditioning at a swing up, but different in store location, installed 8 sets of split type air conditioner, ceiling fan and head. Dining encounter non peak, you can guide customers to focus on sitting in the vicinity of one or two air conditioning, electricity saving, the customer is also comfortable.

"bookish" and "boss"

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