The 4 venture has been successful from Guangzhou he became the nternet street CEO

from a typical "Guangzhou Street" young do create a joint office community, after repeated leaping transformation, Mo Wankui became a legendary industry continuous success, let us together today to see his story.

rather stall is also not work

"I is a typical Guangzhou street." Cool nest founder and CEO Mo Wankui recalls entrepreneurial experience said, "my grandfather is a merchant, for my childhood education is even put a stall in the street are not working." Business philosophy since childhood into his mind.

1986 he began to do the decoration materials trade while reading university. "I only sell glass glue, I was the first to do wholesale glass glue." Do plastic glass trade, let Mo Wankui earned the first pot of gold.

1996, Mo Wankui decided to set up a formal company, "Gao Shi" and the establishment of their own factory production of glass glue, he was at the time of the best office in Guangzhou to buy a square floor, two floors as the company’s office.

2006 years, Mo Wankui seize the opportunity to start real estate, real estate transformation. But by 2012, he felt the real estate growth space is limited, they actively seek transformation.

from real estate net transformation

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