Training institutions need to join procedures How to handle

training institutions to join procedures need? How to handle? With the development of the education market, many people have chosen to join the education organization, whether it is what kind of, you need to go through the relevant procedures are a lot, so today, concerning the establishment of training institutions and procedures, to introduce to you a simple introduction of


1. to the location of the Education Bureau to receive "private education and training institutions for approval and registration form" application form to provide for the relevant qualification, degree certificate etc.) after examination and approval, issued a license to operate

2. to the industrial and commercial administrative department for the business license for legal person registration (to provide the certificate of capital verification, place of business conditions and so on);

3.  tax registration. As for the cost, there should be at least one hundred thousand yuan of registered capital (to be assessed by the accounting firm


4. formal application for the establishment of private education and training institutions (Note: with the conditions of the school can not be set up, the direct application of the formal establishment of private education and training institutions.


4, staff verification.

5, the examination and approval is completed, the written form of approval or disapproval of the approval, approved the establishment of a school license.

Time limit

private education training institutions

how to apply for the establishment of private education institutions


how to apply for the establishment of private education institutions? Now you want to apply for private education and training institutions, is the need to apply for, and not everyone can run, need to meet certain conditions for


bid process:

constitution items:

The name, address of the


the tenet, scale, level and form of


the school assets amount, source and nature;

the Council, board of directors or other decision-making bodies generation methods, personnel structure, term and the rules of procedure;

The legal representative of the school’s


the investor is required to obtain a reasonable return;

the school self termination for


the procedures for modifying the articles of association. Recommended

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