Reality version of the game will be cited in the happy farm life

In recent years,

has a game market has been in love, that is the "happy farm", so conversations have also changed, today received a number of dishes. "" I want to collect food to such words appear in people’s lives, then open the farm a reality version of the heart whether feasible?

reality version of "happy farm" will be popular on the network to steal food and organic food planting picking experience combined the virtual network into reality. Happy farm fields are equipped with cameras, we can experience for planting, weeding, watering, insect, picking and tasting and other activities.

to build a set of production, leisure and tourism in one of the experiential garden, both production and sales of agricultural products, but also can "sell" pastoral life. Reality version of happy farm, including the planting area, breeding areas, reception centers, greenhouses, water treatment centers, fish ponds and other organic components.

the reality version of happy farm is a kind of creative agriculture mode, and by the introduction of the consumers, the happy farm released the pressure of the people, to bring the harvest of accomplishment, is well worth the investment project!


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