Promote the development of rural electricity providers to promote the application of the first

electricity supplier for rural entrepreneurship, is a new mode of operation. It is convenient and fast to speed up the rural market and urban market series. However, how to integrate e-commerce smoothly return home entrepreneurship, rural entrepreneurship, is still an urgent need to solve the problem.

What is the

there is electricity consciousness, but poor application, which are prevalent in returning entrepreneurs, and the end of the market, and it is the key to business success. To this end, the district Zhaohua in-depth implementation of the "Internet plus" strategy and migrant workers home business together, actively organize home business training, "Internet plus" as the key content, computer, network, electronic commerce and knowledge of entrepreneurship training, the training industry of organic integration, focusing on the training of red kiwi, ecological and organic pork vegetables, chicken egg sales network and electronic tourism publicity and other aspects of knowledge.

Zhaohua District People Club Bureau staff responsible for the training of

said, 2015 has trained six of nearly 300 people, they bring professionals Lloyd, family farms and other more electricity supplier master related knowledge, at the same time, also by the Township District fair day, student organization volunteers, senior representatives of the electricity supplier, town attended special publicity 12 times. Preliminary statistics show that in 2015 the Zhaohua area through the Internet for export of agricultural products reached about 30000000 yuan, accounting for about 20% of the total sales of the whole.


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