Novice to open clothing stores to keep their eyes open

clothing demand, profit margins, but also because of this, many friends want to open a clothing store, competition is particularly fierce. We know that the goods are the soul of the clothing store, a group of inexpensive goods, in order to make their own clothing store to make money. So how to open a new clothing store wholesale cheap goods?

, as a clothing market Hunter

two, the attention of foreign trade clothing

Amoy set high credit many sellers are in foreign trade clothing started. If you have a new network of well-known foreign trade companies, you can get the goods directly from the factory. There are a lot of good things in the remaining products in foreign trade orders, this part of the goods are mostly only 1-3 pieces, the style is often the most popular next year or now, and the price is only 4-7 fold mall, there is a market.

three, buy brand clothing inventory


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