Most Japanese sumo hand died before 400 kg once nicknamed little

was once known as the world’s most important wrestler has died, he is an American City borough, who weigh more than 400 kilograms, or even unable to participate in the sumo competition. At present, the cause of its death and the weight of their dead time has not been reported in the media.

the world’s heaviest sumo wrestler is an American city, he grew up, is a big child. From the age of 6, Manny realized that he and other children are not the same, and small partners to play when the conscious control of their own strength, so as not to hurt them. The giant him, being a completely opposite body with his nickname, called little.

in sumo wrestling, Manny began to release the appetite to eat, which led to his weight continued to rise, his heaviest once more than 400 kg. However, because of the weight of Manny can not continue to play, and then began to lose weight, Manny". He took an hour of jogging every day, plus a certain amount of exercise, and eventually dropped to 326 kilograms. In late 90s, Manny went to the birthplace of the sport in Japan, achieved very good results. Later, Manny with the height and weight of their own advantage in the United States, sumo arena invincible, winning the U.S. Open champion sumo.

wrestler for the game to pay a lot, because the sumo match no heavyweight distinction, many people can only rely on eating to keep their own advantages, male wrestler in addition to eat very long time for sleep, many wrestlers due to excessive obesity affects health.

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