Hangzhou ancient tea tea campus management method

do when the market, everyone had to do is to do their own market positioning, positioning is to do the sales target, for example, there are a lot of market orientation in the catering industry, some people saw that the campus dining market investment. For a long time, many businessmen are very optimistic about the campus student groups of wool, many snack bars have been stationed in the streets outside the campus, thus forming a student through the daily snack street. So, if you want to open a school in the vicinity of ancient tea tea stores entrepreneurs, following for the operation of the road share of Hangzhou ancient tea tea,


Gu Ming Tea Shop products are pure natural plant extraction of fruit, the market competition is very big. There are also many ancient tea tea varieties, regardless of what is your age group, whether you love what kind of taste. Join your taste buds in the ancient tea tea shop can be met.

Operation of the road

Hangzhou ancient tea tea campus is as follows:

1, source survey

need to do before the opening of the investigation, on the one hand, in addition to understanding the nearby students, there is no community, or office buildings, about how far?.

2, location

shop location is a very time to take the steps, but also in the vicinity of the campus to investigate the students to stay up and down for a long time to choose the place where students learn from the upper reaches of the flow of more people.

3, store decoration

Hangzhou ancient tea tea stores, for students, optional pastel or cold color pigments to paint the wall, this can create a bigger and brighter visual effect, so that the entire tea shop atmosphere will be softened, but also can hang some display items to add modification. You can also try to shop in the vicinity of the characteristics of the tea shop, and then according to their taste and price to locate their products.

4, store facilities

for the ancient tea tea shop, fire, health and other higher requirements, such as drainage, water, electricity, gas and other facilities are there, the meter is shared or separate, garbage disposal problems etc..

5, about propaganda

There are a lot of

on the new way of publicity, online can take quantitative tea to do activities, such as a set of circle of friends like. Under the line can be a good relationship with some students, let them help to promote, to provide site related activities such as

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