Look at what the manager Xia Xi Xiangxiang Lumian

This is the ancient

noodle shop, development is now everywhere, the business is hot and dismal business stores are beyond count. But when it comes to the strength of the brand by consumers and investors also love noodle is very rare. Any investors want their noodle shop business is hot, however, wanted to open a noodle shop to make money is not easy to imagine like that. However, Xiangxiang Lumian founder Xia Xi, with its own action entrepreneur, will Xiangxiang Lumian do fast, so he will be "secret noodle shop" do what is it? Let’s take a look at the Xia Xi bring us those worth thinking about entrepreneurial story.

Xiangxiang Lumian manager Xia Xi interview, see Xiangxiang Lumian manager Xia Xi is how to say.

editor: Hello summer manager, please tell us about the brand

Xiangxiang lasagna?

Xia Xi: Xiangxiang Lumian, is a Chinese simple meal leading enterprises – Chongqing as a food and beverage brands. In product development and actual production under the foot, with strict scientific attitude will be "delicious" and "nutrition" is really into each savory products, and make products have a strong regional adaptability. Xiangxiang Lumian, after hundreds of test, finally successfully developed, wonderful show! Xiangxiang Lumian, is the perfect combination of classic and innovative features, Xiangxiang Lumian, noodles is fundamental, innovation is the value of


Tracy: About Xiangxiang Lumian name, or heard is a source of


Xia Xi: About Xiangxiang is saying, Xiangxiang, Chongqing dialect is fragrant delicious things inside. We often say that you’re in the popular incense cable, is you in good things to eat. For this name, I own a song: fragrant incense, eat sweet, eat a mouthful of sweet, fragrant. A mouthful of fragrant, fragrance, incense hand Xiangxiang, future.

small series: entrepreneurship has always been very difficult, you can always share the summer you do poineering work


Xia Xi: Chongqing is noodles, eat Chongqing also rated fifty strong love facet, like, in the early days of new noodles in order to find inspiration, I basically have fifty strong face was tasted, even to eat noodles to eat vomit. In addition, to the field investigation of some well-known noodles, sometimes three meals a day are noodles. Chongqing is the southwest, it is the south, as a few years to eat rice southerners, I had to eat one or two times a month before the face, then eat a few noodles every day, can not stand, but still came like this. Small Chongqing is very famous, so we face from Chongqing small noodles, spicy noodles, climbing on the ridge, distinctive personality, which is characteristic of Lumian xiangxiang.

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