Three new board of Tianjin’s richest woman in the lawsuit filed everywhere is urging debt is true

with the development of economy, many small and medium-sized enterprises need to go on the road of expansion, three new board ", but if there is no strong economic strength, will only step by step down myself. Let us look at the following: three new board of Tianjin, the richest woman in the lawsuit ridden, everywhere was pushed debt thing.

compared with A shares, the new board just a toddler, but for many SMEs entrepreneurs, companies listed on the new board, the expansion of the scale, market growth, and indeed "onto the pinnacle of life".

The problem with

‘s life is that it’s too easy to fall.

from becoming a new three board billionaires, to deep funding fracture, Feng Sheng Liu Jinling, founder of only two years. This process is not the outside world see the pledge of the equity market capitalization has shrunk dramatically in the warehouse explosion, so simple.

so, the story starts from scratch.

a story about the pinnacle of life

Liu Jinling was born in 1968 in Tianjin, college education, learning is a professional law, after graduation to enter the father of the life of the motor industry in the service of Liu Yuxi, served in a decades old state-owned old motor factory. Liu Jinling stayed here for three years, entered the pharmaceutical industry in 2000, the first venture in 2005, set up a medical device trading company.

2009, Lucy Liu and Liu long retired father together funded the establishment of Tianjin Feng Sheng Yang medical equipment Trade Co. Ltd., engaged in the wholesale sales of medical devices, and later developed into today’s listed company Feng Sheng Yang (430431).

2012 years, the establishment of the third year of the maple Sheng Yang revenue exceeded $36 million, profit losses. Feng Yang continued to maintain a rapid growth momentum, the scale of revenue in 2013 was close to 80 million yuan, the year Liu Jinling made a landing three new board decision.

2014 May, Feng Yang officially listed three new board, listed on the first day of the transaction price of 12.9 yuan / share, Liu Jin Ling holdings market value of more than $600 million, which has become the first three new board Tianjin billionaire".

Tianjin Feng Sheng Yang Liu Jinling, chairman of Tianjin Feng Sheng, chairman of the board,,

in the local media reports, Liu Jinling in the early start is "caught in survival, encounter supplier stock, and sellers critical problems wantonly shill. There may be some rendering intent of these words, but no doubt the hardships of start-ups.

2015 in April, Feng Sheng Yang start making recommendation

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