What are the characteristics of entrepreneurial scam

looking for business opportunities at the same time many people worked hard, but there are some special fraud, cause the whole business market is extremely complex. In fact, as long as we are good at screening, nature will not be fooled. If we have enough understanding of the entrepreneurial market, the market will probably know the scam will generally meet the relevant characteristics. So, what are the characteristics of entrepreneurial scam?


are popular high-tech industries

most of the business strategy is a liar scam starting from popular high-tech industries, make up a false venture in the field to participate in financing activities, such as nanotechnology, 3D technology, biological medicine industry and public awareness of less investment, for most people, because these industries need higher professional at the same time with some business, so it is difficult to accurately judge the investment value, through a series of professional vocabulary in disguise after fraud, investors will soon fall into the trap of being defrauded funds.

Lack of expertise in

general, venture entrepreneurs are usually in their own after many years of accumulated experience and have rich professional knowledge of the field of entrepreneurship, and it is usually temporary liar project project, focuses on understanding the publicity strategy on the surface, but deep within the field of professional problems are not clear, only a smattering of knowledge. When investors need to keep investing in enough patience, a comprehensive study of the project, and then entrepreneurs to communicate, to see if their professional level, professional level of entrepreneurs is not investors, investors should be cautious investment.

less consideration of resource requirements

of real entrepreneurs, financing and enterprise development is not only to obtain funds from investors, a ring is more important for investors can bring more entrepreneurial resources to help the smooth development of the enterprises, entrepreneurs and a liar or rarely consider the basic investment resources to the requirements of investors, there will be no more investors in the selection under certain conditions, but there are investors willing to invest on it, its purpose is to ultimately defraud investment funds.

liar entrepreneurs usually come up with beautifully crafted business plan in financing roadshow, but the plan has a large part of its propaganda is the project where the advantage and necessity of investment and urgent, important content for the project itself and the team has introduced elements rarely, and the key is to let investors pay attention to investment can bring high returns on equity transfer, and the proportion is higher than normal for many.

founder frequent participation salon

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