Jiangsu college student village official business model

college-graduate village official to the countryside policy has been implemented for a long time, young high-quality college graduates around the countryside to agriculture science and technology, innovation of industrial society. Now, college student village officials have become the first leader of the villagers.

To large enterprises rely on the +

. To start at the beginning of the college-graduate village official, in accordance with the "college-graduate village official + major + market" model to guide 65 college-graduate village official with local breeding with large established project, and through the large unified sales products, ensure sales channels, reduce business risk. 10 college graduate Village Park, take the business to join the base to build cooperation, the way to build a product sales Green channel". Zhong Xing Zhen college-graduate village official business park in cooperation with Jiangsu Yurun Group, invested 240 thousand yuan in the construction of demonstration base, to achieve the production joint venture, product marketing.

brand + package "listed". In order to improve the competitiveness of products, the Organization Department of the county coordination of industry and commerce departments, has college-graduate village official registered "Chunhua" and "green collar" 5 entrepreneurial product trademarks. At the same time, strengthen the promotion of packaging products, has launched the "college-graduate village official business products into the supermarket" series of activities, and with the help of Shanghai agricultural products trade fair, Jiangsu province farmer cooperatives and Products Fair held throughout the exhibition, open shop, for college-graduate village official agricultural product promotion, brand cohesion started college-graduate village official business.

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