Want to open a western restaurant store selection is very important

from western food into China, a lot of people interested in Western food, Western food market has been hot, but to join the western restaurant, store choice is very important. People’s spending on Western food gradually increased, which is the standard of people’s living standards continue to improve, the development of China’s western food market is becoming increasingly popular. Thus triggering the western food market opportunities, so also attracted a lot of entrepreneurs to invest in the eyes, then choose how to do a lot of Western franchise store

from passenger to customers, including work staff, and students. The way to guests of different objects and different, especially to carefully deal with pricing. In addition, holiday customers are not the same as usual, there must be a difference. The location of the above class workers for the most important customers, its purpose is nothing more than to negotiate business or chat. How to deal with the large number of customers who are stuck in the lunch, how to improve the efficiency of turnover in the light of holidays and weekends.


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