The zinpin steak investment advantages

eat steak is no longer a rare thing, the improvement of the living standards of the Chinese people to make a number of high-end food and beverage items in the field gradually civilians, including western style steak. Steak has become a mass consumer food, so there is a huge consumer market. Steak chain stores to choose what brand is good? For zinpin steak you recommend.

zinpin Steakhouse is a originated from Taiwan’s famous steak restaurant chain. 2003 officially landed in mainland China, currently in a number of provinces in the country has developed a number of steak restaurant chain, and is still continuing to add.

zinpin steak uphold the "quality + service" business philosophy, to "down-to-earth prices, excellent quality and considerate service" service to consumers. Every day to provide all kinds of meat and seafood products; main meal of steak, meat is tender and juicy, chef after careful conditioning, unique taste, taste good, authentic taste.

in order to further promote the development of Western food steak, bring people a better life, we are always ready to first-class service, superior quality to meet the needs of consumers and franchisees.


supplies steak investment advantages:

market analysis guide

Join the

new customers zinpin zinpin steak, steak company for the district investigation, lots of evaluation, the competitive environment in a timely manner to make the investment analysis report, help the franchisee to make rational choices, improve the success rate of the shop.

opening activities support

zinpin steak investment headquarters to provide detailed business plan and full opening props, propaganda materials, and provide a full range of staff training, guidance on display information, help you to successfully start the local market.

store decoration support

provides professional information measurement, design drawings, materials procurement, engineering decoration, construction supervision and other supplies for free steak franchisees, to ensure a unified image of the standard and the quality of decoration.

logistics distribution support

zinpin steak investment headquarters professional distribution division to assist you in distribution, and provide logistics services timely and accurately, according to the new listing zinpin steak cycle and franchisee sales, inventory, timely dispensing products, to ensure that the products enter the market quickly.

professional steak dishes, professional steak selection techniques, showing a fine meal for the diners feast. Zinpin steak, professional quality, trustworthy, strong market appeal for zinpin steak franchisee record >

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